Canon Collins Trust South African universities  scholarships

Deadline: October 9th 2023 | Canon Collins Trust South African Universities  Scholarships

Canon Collins Trust South African universities scholarships are made in Joel Joffe’s honour, who represented Nelson Mandela in the 1963–1964 Rivonia Trial. He was a key player in South Africa’s fight for democracy. The Trust is still advancing his legacy by encouraging others to do everything in their power to advance human rights and end poverty.

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Current third-year students (who will be in their fourth year in 2024) pursuing an LLB at the University of the Western Cape or the University of Fort Hare are invited to apply. We will offer you R40,000 in support for your last year of LLB studies, the chance to improve your academic and leadership abilities through planned activities, and a paid internship at a public interest law firm for about five months after you graduate. The chosen applicant will have the option of doing their internship at either the Legal Resources Centre or the Equal Education Law Centre.


Candidates should be:

  • A South African person with an excellent academic record and extracurricular participation who is currently enrolled as an undergraduate law student in their third year at the university.
  • Only those who are qualified and satisfy ALL of the requirements mentioned should apply.


  • Included in the Joel Joffe Scholarship are:
  • After completing your LLB studies, you will get R40,000, a paid internship at Equal Education Law Centre or Legal Resources Centre, and a chance to develop your academic and leadership abilities through planned events.


  • The application deadline is on October 9, 2023, at 15:00 GMT. Late applications won’t be taken into consideration.

For Additional Information

Visit the Canon Collins Trust 2023 Joel Joffe LLB Scholarships’ official website.

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