Bill lane center for the american west media fellowships($5 000)

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Deadline: 9th October 2023 | Bill Lane Center for the American West Media Fellowships($5 000)

Fellowships in Media

For at least ten years, the Bill Lane Centre for the American West Media Fellowships($5 000) has supported journalism about the West and its ecology. For journalists working in all forms of media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, online, multimedia, video, film, data visualisation and mapping, and books, we offer fellowships in Western Journalism and Media.

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With the fellowship, journalists can:

  • Collaborate with Stanford faculty, students, and researchers to create or work on a project of their own creation and promote fresh reporting and comprehension of the American West.
    We are especially interested in funding initiatives that:
  • Investigate intriguing new opportunities for journalism and the media in the region or address critical concerns confronting the American West in conjunction with ongoing studies at Stanford and the Bill Lane Centre.
    There is a small honorarium provided.


  • We provide one three-month media fellowship with a $5,000 stipend. The grant is split in half when the fellow is chosen and again when the piece is published. A journalist who sheds light on important regional concerns will be supported by the award.
  • We will take applications for our 2024 fellowship starting on September 12, 2023, and continuing until October 9, 2023. By mid-November 2023, we will have made our choice, and we anticipate that the journalists will release their work in the spring of 2024. Although not required, a proposal to collaborate with Stanford-based specialists will guarantee a submission gets particular consideration.

Criteria for approval

  • The project should investigate an important facet of the West, including its geography, its population, its history, and the influence of the factors that drive its economies.
  • The applicant should be affiliated with a news outlet that will ensure that the work will be seriously considered for publication; the Bill Lane Centre is not responsible for securing publication.
  • By May 15, 2024, or within six months of the award, the article should be published.
  • The actual piece of work could be any of the following alone or in any combination: print or web articles, photography or photo essays, informational graphics, podcasts, video journalism, documentary films, fact-based graphic novels, or graphic documentaries.


  • Applications must include a brief resume, a description of the proposed project, and the name of the news outlet or other source where the work will be published.
  • Email the above to Felicity Barringer, writer in residence at the Bill Lane Center for the American West:

For more information visit the Bill Lane Center for the American West Media Fellowships.

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