Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (EO GSEA) 2023-2024 (up to $100 000)

Deadline: Varies by Location | Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (EO GSEA) 2023-2024 (up to $100 000)

All student entrepreneurs, take note! With the eagerly awaited start of the GSEA 2023–2024 competition season, it’s time to unleash your business energy and quicken your success. Send in your application for the GSEA competition season right now to get started on an exciting journey that could completely alter the course of your entrepreneurial career.

The most prestigious international contest for college or university students who own and run a business is the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA). In a series of regional and national tournaments, nominees face off against their international colleagues in the hopes of earning a spot in the Global Finals.


  • Prizes might range from cash to business services and depend on the location.
  • Students compete at the Global Finals for a total prize pool of US$100,000 in cash, with the winner taking home US$50,000. The prize money for second place is US$20,000, and third place gets US$10,000.


  • At the time of application, you must be registered as an undergraduate or graduate* student for the current academic year at a university or institution. Part-time attendance is acceptable; full-time enrolment is not needed.
  • Your student business must have you as the owner, the founder, or the majority shareholder. There can only be one studentpreneur owner/co-founder per company.
  • Prior to applying, your student-run firm had to have been running for at least six months straight.
  • At the time of application, your company had to have made US $500 or received US $1,000 in investments.
  • You weren’t supposed to be among the competitors in the GSEA Global Finals Competition final round from any previous year.
  • The maximum age to participate is 30 years old.Only graduate students who have remained continuously enrolled in a university after receiving their undergraduate degree and haven’t quit school to focus on their business or look for other employment are eligible to apply. Students who took up to one academic year off before starting their postgraduate degree are eligible for an exception.

Judging Standards

The student entrepreneur competition’s requirements are broken down into two categories and center mostly on your entrepreneurial path.

Part 1: A Student Entrepreneur’s Evaluation

  • The student entrepreneur exemplifies the perseverance required to be a successful entrepreneur. They have faced difficulties, overcame them, and made blunders along the way.
  • The student entrepreneur successfully juggles his or her dual responsibilities as a student and a business owner.
  • The pupil has a drive to create a better future. They have goals other than maximizing profits, such as streamlining a process or resolving an issue.
  • The student has shown an appropriate level of trust and respect in his or her interactions with the judges, which is the first EO Core Value. They are trustworthy and honest to themselves, showing both openness and vulnerability.
  • Thirst for Learning, the second EO Core Value, describes a student who actively seeks out the opinions and expertise of experts. They are inquisitive by nature.
  • Think Big. Be Bold. – The student is growing to suit changing circumstances and taking calculated risks. They want to bring about improvement.
  • Together We Grow is the fourth EO Core Value, and it describes a student who is open-minded, contributes to the entrepreneurial community, and is dedicated to assisting others in growing. In both life and business, they value diversity and inclusivity.

Part 2: Assess the Student Enterprise

Has the student shown that they understand the cornerstones of business? Have they given details about the development, income, and profit of the company?
Has the student conveyed the company’s mission and goals clearly?
Does the student business have a good chance of expanding further?


Location-specific deadlines differ. The local deadline will be displayed when you choose your competition on the application.

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Visit GSEA for further details.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Student Entrepreneur Awards


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