Requests for Proposals for the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund

Deadline: 31st May 2023 | Requests for Proposals for the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund v

Concerning the Organization

The corporate headquarters of the American global technology company Microsoft Corporation are in Redmond, Washington.

Our goal is to enable every individual and organization on the earth to do more.

Regarding the Grant

Our $1 billion investment program, the Climate Innovation Fund, aims to use equity and debt financing to hasten the development and adoption of breakthrough climate ideas.

Our financing will be allocated to investments primarily based on the following four criteria:

  • Effective, quantifiable climate solutions in the areas of carbon, water, waste, and ecosystems.
  • investing in underfunded markets, where there is a lack of funding for climate solutions.
  • Technologies that are pertinent to both Microsoft’s and our clients’ fundamental businesses are referred to as shared alignment.
  • Ensuring that underprivileged people and developing economies gain from climate solutions is known as “climate equity.”
  • Direct carbon removal, digital optimization, cutting-edge energy systems, sophisticated industrial materials, circular economy, water technologies, sustainable agriculture, and business plans for nature-based markets will all be areas of emphasis.

The Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund’s main objectives are to:

  • Invest in new climate technology products that are gaining early momentum in the marketplace and require funding to expand.
  • Finance projects to expand the use of current climate solutions.
  • Direct company investments offer the chance to:
  • Increase the market’s adoption of novel, creative solutions
  • Show the effectiveness of innovative technology
  • Join forces with other investors to achieve the global climate goals

How to Apply:

For consideration, do fill out our Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund form.

Please click the link for further details on Microsoft’s climate innovation Fund


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