Fully Funded Central Queensland University RTP Stipend Scholarship 2023-24 In Australia

Deadline: 30th Sept 2023 | Fully Funded Central Queensland University RTP Stipend Scholarship 2023-24 In Australia

Description of the scholarship:

Applications are being accepted for the Central Queensland University RTP Scholarship 2023–2024 in Australia. The CQ University RTP Stipend Scholarship is open to both domestic and international students. Open to students from any nation, it provides a fully supported opportunity to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree. All associated costs for the Australian Government Stipend scholarships will be paid for. For overseas students, getting a full scholarship package is a fantastic opportunity.

Title: Fully Funded Central Queensland
University RTP Stipend Scholarship 2023-24 In Australia
Amount: Stipend scholarships
Deadline: Deadline: 30th Sept 2023
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The university gives students a variety of academic specialties to choose from. The RTP scholarships from the Australian Government pay all of the costs associated with a student’s successful completion of a Master’s or PhD degree in Australia. Students from any nation are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The Central Queensland University was founded in 1967 and is currently ranked 1627 globally and 37 nationally. The university draws more than 35,000 students from all around the world because of its varied student body.

One may anticipate a friendly and encouraging environment that promotes academic performance and personal development as an international student at Central Queensland University. The university offers many possibilities for students to interact with various cultures and build a global perspective due to its varied student body. For individuals wishing to further their education in Australia, the fully-funded scholarship possibilities, along with the top-notch academic programs and research facilities, make it a desirable alternative.

College Degree:

Fully funded Central Queensland University RTP Stipend Scholarships are available for students to pursue Masters and PhD-level programs at Central Queensland University in Australia in 2023–2024.

Available topics

These are the subjects that are eligible for study through this scholarship program.

  • Business Law Technology Education Arts Arts
  • Social Science
  • Medical Sciences
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Applied sciences in medicine, nursing, and midwifery

Benefits of a scholarship

For international students who want to continue their education overseas, Central Queensland University in Australia offers the RTP grant 2023–24, a comprehensive, fully financed grant. The scholarship pays for all essential costs, including those for the following things:

  1. Compensation for college tuition.
  2. Free lodging is made available.
  3. a $32,000 annual stipend.
  4. Medical benefits, including paid sick time.
  5. The candidate has access to research funding to support their research efforts.

Nationalities that qualify:

All nationalities of international students are eligible for this grant.

Eligibility requirements

  • In accordance with the requirements of the Commonwealth Scholarship (Research) 2017, candidates must be enrolled in a recognized RHD course at CQUniversity, whether they are domestic or international students.
  • If an applicant does not get any income from another source that is greater than 75% of the RTP Stipend rate, they may be eligible for an RTP Stipend. The candidate’s general living expenses during their course of study should be supported by this income. It is not taken into account if income is received for things other than educational expenses or for particular study-related reasons.
  • A candidate is not eligible for an RTP Fees Offset if they are currently receiving a grant or award from the Commonwealth that covers the cost of their RHD program.

Application Methodology:

  • Direct applications are not accepted for RTP Scholarships. Instead, applicants should let their supervisory team know that they are interested in a RHD Scholarship.
  • Potential candidates will receive invites from the School of Graduate Research to submit an application for the scholarship based on the supervisory team’s recommendation.

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