WISE Edtech Accelerator Program for Projects Using Educational Technology in 2023–2024

Application deadline is  14 April 2023 | WISE Edtech Accelerator Program for Projects Using Educational Technology in 2023–2024

The WISE Edtech Accelerator is an important component of the edtech program that seeks to foster innovation and establish a community of edtech professionals committed to transforming how we teach and learn.


  • Founded for at least a year
  • evidence of current clients or users
  • item developed past the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage
  • evidence of current income
  • a committed group
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  1. Worldwide Network.
  2. Having access to a large investor and education specialist network
  3. Global exposure via partner events and the WISE Summit
  4. Join a group of edtech founders from 22 different nations.

Mentoring and coaching.

A hand-selected group of professionals with expertise in:

  1. Marketing, sales, and fundraising
  2. Product development, strategy, and roadmapping
  3. Market analysis and positioning

Visibility internationally.

Selected initiatives will have the chance to participate in our worldwide events and receive promotion on all of our international channels, such as:

  1. WISE@ forums, with prior iterations held in Beijing, Paris, and New York
  2. SMART social media channels
  3. Doha’s WISE Summit, which attracted almost 4,000 participants from 100 nations

Selection  Process

The WISE Edtech Accelerator team will receive assistance from a committee made up of top entrepreneurs and educators each year as they make their selections. Applications will be evaluated using the following standards:

  • How well the business solves the issue it is trying to solve
  • As compared to global business enterprises already in existence, how novel is the solution?
  • The potential effect on education
  • The capacity for expansion and scalability

Application Methodology:

All applicants are required to submit the following:

  • submission of the official English-language online application form
  • A comprehensive pitch deck AND a quick 1:30 video.
  • The elevator pitch must describe the edtech solution, the issue being solved, who the beneficiaries are, and why the applicant is applying to the WISE Edtech Accelerator.
  • Logging into a product demo for the WISE team

Application deadline is

14 April 2023, 4 PM GMT final due date

Beginning in September 2023, the 2023 Cohort will be revealed.

To apply and For More Information

Visit the WISE Edtech Acceleration Program 2023/2024 Official Website to Apply and For More Information.

WhatsApp Link: Click Here
Telegram Link: Click Here

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