Solidarity Fund for Mama Cash 2023 (up to €40,000)

Deadline: 25th day of February 2023 | Solidarity Fund for Mama Cash 2023 (up to €40,000)

The Mama Cash Solidarity Fund 2023 is now accepting applications. Mama Cash is the host of the participatory grantmaking fund known as The Solidarity Fund. It was entirely produced by women’s funds, for women’s funds, from conception to selection.

Mama Cash is aware firsthand of the imaginative, fearless, and revolutionary feminist movements taking place all over the world. They are an essential component of the framework required for feminist groups to maintain their positions, achieve their goals, and fend off criticism and backlash.

Title: Solidarity Fund for Mama Cash 2023 (up to €40,000)
Nationality: All Women Funds groups
Funding: Grant 40, 000 USD
Deadline: 25th Feb 2023
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The Solidarity Fund was established to meet the administrative requirements of women’s funds in the spirit of radical trust and solidarity. As a more fair, just, transparent, and responsible method of grantmaking, it integrates participatory grantmaking. This strategy also aims to improve the ecosystem of feminist finance by handing over control to women’s funds, which are in the greatest position to decide what is best for their peers.


  • Each grant from the 2023 Solidarity Fund will cost €40,000.

Eligibility for Solidarity Fund for Mama Cash 2023 (up to €40,000)

  • New and emerging funds are encouraged to apply;
  • membership in Prospera; You don’t require the International Network of Women’s Funds in order to be eligible for financing.
  • Women’s funds are eligible to apply for a Solidarity Fund award on their own or as a group with other like-minded groups.
  • In order to participate in numerous collaborations, applicants must pick just one concept to submit (or be a part of).
  • Everyone must submit only one proposal.
  • Regional chapters of Prospera are free from this requirement because they provide services to numerous funds.
  • Applicants/ Solidarity Fund grant winners from last year’s Women’s funds are eligible to apply for one in 2023.


A fund for women’s funds is the Solidarity Fund. In order to apply, women’s funds must first review and fulfill Mama Cash’s requirements for women’s funds.

On February 28, 2023 at 23:59 CET, Mama Cash’s grant application window for the Solidarity Fund will close. Make Direct submission of all applications at

You can submit a written application form or a form for a video recording by women’s funds coupled with a budget form. Download the budget application form and the brief proposal to use with the written application form:

Apply Here:

To learn more, go to Solidarity Fund.

WhatsApp Link: Click Here
Telegram Link: Click Here

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