For young South Africans, IHE Delft/FirstRand Scholarship Programme 2023

March 2, 2023 is the deadline for submissions | IHE Delft/FirstRand Scholarship Programme 2023

Outstanding South African students will get the opportunity to study for MSc degrees at IHE Delft in the Netherlands. Thanks to a partnership between the FirstRand Foundation and the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. The FirstRand Foundation is the corporate foundation of the South African financial institution FirstRand Limited.

One student will get full financing each year to pursue an MSc in Water and Sustainable Development at IHE Delft as part of the scholarship program, which will last for five years. Choosing Scholarship recipients will base on their potential and academic merit.

The FirstRand international postgraduate scholarship program will be running concurrently with the interviewing and selection process. They will use the Candidates capacity to influence people’s lives as well as their academic prowess, leadership skills, and community involvement to make judgement.

For any of the four theme tracks, candidates must apply:

  • Energy, food, and water
  • Water risks, dangers, and climate
  • Water and health water resources and ecosystem health the submission deadline is march 2, 2023, on thursday.

Submit only online applications.

For Additional Information about IHE Delft/FirstRand Scholarship Programme

Visit the IHE Delft/FirstRand Scholarship Programme 2023 for more info.

To apply, Click Here


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