Indigenous Fellowship Program of the FSC-IF 2023 (Funding available)

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Deadline: 28th of February 2023 | Indigenous Fellowship Program of the FSC-IF 2023

The FSC-IF Indigenous Fellowship Programme 2023 is now accepting applications. Indigenous Peoples who are eager to make significant changes for their communities around the world. Should submit applications to the FSC Indigenous Foundation.

Through fellowship opportunities, the FSC-IF, in collaboration with USAID and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), invites applications from Indigenous Peoples. In order to help them develop their capacities, networks, and skills. In order to support the implementation of projects at the subnational, national, regional, or international levels. And to share their experiences and learning with other Indigenous people. Environment/Climate Change, Land Rights, and Indigenous Economies are the three crucial subject areas of this fellowship opportunity.

In order to support long-term Indigenous self-development, self-governance, and self-reliance. The fellowship aims to provide opportunities to connect traditional knowledge of Indigenous Peoples. With practices in areas related to management, finance, business development and economies, sustainable resource management, leadership, and other crucial topics. They think that this support will have an impact that extends beyond participant training. And results in actual engagement and experience sharing for Indigenous communities all around the world.

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Program Information

One of the four subprogrammes listed below is open to applicants. You must submit a new application for each subprogramme to which you wish to apply.

Young Indigenous Practitioners:

The FSC-IF, which has its headquarters in Panama, is offering opportunity to work alongside the IPARD Programme Leads for a duration of 2.5 months. A specific focus on one aspect of the Program does not preclude fellows from participating in and benefiting from learning opportunities. In other aspects of the FSC-IF by utilizing the FSC-IF multi-sectoral cross-cutting tactics.

  • Candidates must be university graduates in order to apply for this program.
  • English proficiency is desired.
  • This program is intended for working adults under 35.

Native American Leadership and Networking Opportunities. To interact and collaborate with companies and organizations connected to the FSC certification procedure will be found in conjunction with the FSC family. Any age group may participate in this opportunity. Which will involve spending 2-3 months interacting with businesses involved in the forest industry and learning about the FPIC process, tools for assessing economic viability, Indigenous Cultural Landscapes, and family and community forest approaches.

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Indigenous Capacity:

This opportunity is available to meet the capacity requirements put forth by applicants related to Environment/Climate Change, Land Rights, and/or Indigenous Economies for brief training opportunities (up to 4 months) in their home country or in another nation.

Business Development Fellowship:

Based on their traditions, culture, cosmovision, and Indigenous-cultural landscape management, this opportunity is available to Indigenous youth entrepreneurs to promote the economic, social, and cultural development in support of the long-term self-development and self-reliance objectives of the communities they live in.


  • Some fellows will be welcomed at the FSC-IF office in Panama City or at one of IPARD’s international partners, including communities, community enterprises, for-profit businesses, and FSC national offices.
  • The organizations that take on the chosen applicants will impart knowledge and experience to help them build their capacities and find funding sources for the execution of their project ideas.
  • The selected candidates will receive living expense assistance from FSC-IF (round trip flights, accommodation in the city or community, health insurance, lump sum for food, transportation, and visa).

Eligibility for Indigenous Fellowship Program of the FSC-IF 2023

For consideration as a candidate for a fellowship, applicants must fulfill all of the requirements listed below. The FSC-IF is free to approve or disapprove any training.

  • A member of a developing nation in Latin America, Asia, or Africa who identifies as Indigenous and who has expertise managing or assisting Indigenous Peoples’ groups
  • possess knowledge of planning and carrying out programs or initiatives with communities of Indigenous Peoples;
  • Shown involvement in matters pertaining to Indigenous Peoples’ rights and those that concern their development, self-government, and independence;
  • a keen interest in initiatives that support the three goals of IPARD;
  • Know the language used in the organization where the program will be held well enough to get by (English, Spanish, French or Portuguese).

Application for Indigenous Fellowship Program of the FSC-IF 2023

English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese are all acceptable application languages. The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2023, at 11:59 ET. Within two months of the application deadline, applicants will get notification of the results.

Fellowships could begin as early as May or June 2023.

The following documentation must be ready for interested candidates. Send the data in this link through email if you experience any problems opening the form or uploading documents using the form.

  • A video, pdf or word document, slide presentation, canvas, among other formats, describing
  •  (1) the motivation to participate, including an interest in one of the three areas mentioned above, and
  • (2) how the program will help the candidate to achieve her/his goals, as well as a description of the project to be carried out once her/his fellowship is over.
  • References cannot be provided by members of the candidates’ immediate family, such as parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, or grandparents. Instead, references must come from two supporting letters from Indigenous Peoples’ organizations that include the name, address, and phone number of the organization providing the reference.

To apply and For more Information Click the Links Below:

Apply here by clicking

Visit FSC-IF Indigenous Fellowship for additional details.

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