Senior Mechanic in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Position Description

The deadline for the Senior Mechanic job in Addis Ababa Ethiopia is February 10th

Basic duties and responsibilities for the Senior Mechanic in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

  • ensures that any heavy or light duty vehicles being repaired or serviced have a work order.
  • Ensures that the user has requested and the appropriate person has approved any equipment that is received for repair or servicing.
  • takes part in the repair process.
  • Fill out the necessary information on the work order formats.
  • monitoring the timely repair, servicing, and return to the user of all equipment received for maintenance and repair
  • The mechanical workshop head is notified of repairs that are outside the scope of the shop’s capabilities.
  • initiates a request for modification supplies and parts and sees to it that they are used properly.
  • carries out any additional tasks tasked by the supervisor.
  • immediate manager: – Mechanical Section Supervisor Department/Service: Permanent Technical Employment Type For Addis Abeba Job Requirements, Required No. 1

Minimum Requirements for the Senior Mechanic in Addis Ababa Ethiopia


  • Having an auto mechanic’s diploma, having graduated from technical school, or having equivalent experience
  • 5 years or more Additional Skills:
  • Computer Proficiency

How to Apply

Candidates may submit their applications by email at within seven working days based on the aforementioned requirements.

Note: When sending an email, use the subject line “Senior, Mechanic”

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