Avanti Communications Business Development Executive Job

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Important Duties & Accountabilities

Responsibilities for the Avanti Communications Business Development Executive Job

  • Work cooperatively to implement and carry out Avanti’s Education Strategy with the other members of the Education team.
  • Manage interactions with stakeholders from donor organizations, the government and ministries of education, co-ordinating and grant agencies in the country, and other NGOs that are essential to the project’s success while working closely with the education team.
  • Organize meetings with stakeholders from the education sector and attend them. Ensure that Avanti teams internally and external partners promptly respond to stakeholder feedback and requests.
  • Establishing agendas, project plans, taking minutes, and producing reports are all part of the logistics preparation and management for workshops, roundtables, and forums.
  • Attend client-facing meetings all around East Africa, participate in group planning sessions, and report development to project team.
  • Work with internal resources to structure and provide compelling, innovative solutions for connection and education projects after determining needs and high-level requirements.
  • Develop outstanding relationship-building and networking abilities to promote business prospects that are consistent with Avanti’s brand and culture.


  • In the Education function, take the initiative to generate new business opportunities and provide money for important programs.
  • Find and develop various funding sources.
  • Create a pipeline for connectivity in education, and finish funding initiatives.

Knowledge & Certifications required for the Avanti Communications Business Development Executive Job


  • prior experience selling to or working for a national government or NGO.
  • outstanding track record of corporate growth in the education industry.
  • a track record of locating, establishing, and upholding important connections at all levels.
  • You consider yourself to be a hands-on person who will constantly go above and beyond to grow new business. You are driven and adept at multitasking with a start-up mentality.
  • the capacity to come up with ideas and solutions, persuade important decision-makers to act, and participate in conversations at all levels.


  • Portuguese or French as a second language

How to Apply

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