Scholarships for scientists from ACIAR partner countries to study in Australia and earn Australian postgraduate degrees

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Scientists from partner nations who are now or have recently participated in ACIAR research projects have the chance to pursue postgraduate degrees at Australian tertiary institutions under the John Allwright Fellowship (JAF). The main goal of the Fellowship is to strengthen the institutions in partner countries of ACIAR’s capacity for conducting scientific research.

The JAF initiative represents the ACIAR Capacity Building Program’s greatest commitment. Through the Australia Awards program, it offers PhD and Master’s scholarships to agricultural researchers. In Australia, there are about 38 JAFs enrolled in 18 different universities. Every year, applications are requested.

ACIAR pledged to reach gender parity in its capacity building program by 2020. In its Gender Equity Policy and Strategy 2017–2022. Women now make up at least 50% of new JAFs, in keeping with this pledge.

A PhD or Master’s degree is a major undertaking. ACIAR provides additional support through the following initiatives to guarantee that our fellows have the greatest experience possible while studying in Australia.

Support Facility for JAF (JSF)

Throughout their scholarship journey, JAFs get specialized support from the JAF Support Facility, such as increased pastoral care. Each new JAF is automatically entitled to this free service. The University of New England collaborates with JSF to deliver its services (UNE).

John Allwright Executive Leadership Fellowship Program (JAFel)

The new John Allwright Fellowship Executive Leadership Program (JAFel), which aims to close the gap between study and the following phases of our Fellows’ career development, was launched in 2019 with the help of the first cohort of JAFs. The course is taught by JAFel and covers topics like project management, finance, and leadership. The fellows participate in a 15-month online learning program after a 10-day intensive workshop led by the University of New England. The fellowship recipients’ postgraduate studies are supplemented by the six-hour-per-month online program. A 4-day workshop marks the program’s culmination. Participants in the JAFel program earn 50% of a certificate after completion.

Eligibility requirements

Candidates must be citizens of the nation in which they will be employed.

For a candidate to be considered for selection, they must:

  • Be a scientist or economist from the developing country partner (excluding Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, and the Philippines) who is actively engaged in a collaborative research project supported by AC;
  • have worked on an ACIAR project within 24 months of applying; at the time of applying,
  • hold qualifications that would be assessed to be equivalent to at least an Australian bachelor’s degree in a discipline that is relevant to the proposed area of postgraduate study; and

John Allwright Fellowship Program applications

Applications for the upcoming round of the JAF program (starting in 2024) go on sale on February 1 and close on May 1 of that same year. The equal involvement of ACIAR partner nations in the JAF program will be the main emphasis of this round of applications. Africa, South Asia, East and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific are all included in this.

It is strongly advised that candidates get in touch with the appropriate ACIAR Country/Regional Office before submitting their application. You may find our contact information here.

Through the Online Australia Scholarships Information System, submit an online JAF program application (OASIS). To begin your application, create an account in the OASIS system. It’s not necessary for you to submit your application right away. Up to the specified closing date, you may create a draft application form, change it, and add your supporting material.

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