Personal Assistant at Gelian Hotel Machakos

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Summary of Position of Personal Assistant at Gelian Hotel Machakos

Career Summary

To serve as the meeting secretary’s extremely private and discreet personal assistant.

Sectors of Responsibility

  • To serve as the chairman, directors, and general manager’s personal assistant in a totally private and secret capacity.
  • Effectively communicate with management and personnel.
  • Coordinating board meetings

Responsibilities for the job of Personal Assistant at Gelian Hotel Machakos

  • Administration department is conducted efficiently and according to standards established by management.
  • sets a good example for others by abiding by the company’s mission, vision, and guiding principles.
  • respects the conduct code of the company,
  • to offer the directors a thorough secretarial and administrative service.
  • to create, maintain, and evaluate administrative systems in order to maximize effectiveness.
  • to keep the director’s calendar, filing system, and any other pertinent areas up to date and organized as needed.
  • to assist the directors with their projects, proposals, bids, etc. through analysis, advice, and group-planning
  • composing briefings, speeches, articles, and project proposals as directed by the directors
  • Debriefing sessions should be planned in advance so that follow-up actions can be taken. Additionally, by setting up refreshments, seats, and, if necessary, taking minutes.
  • to schedule staff and board meetings
  • Make a store order for office supplies.
  • to promptly and professionally address questions from board members and other stakeholders in both written and spoken form.
  • To coordinate all travel arrangements for board members and senior management
  • to gather Board documents and make sure they are delivered in time for meetings. to distribute meeting agendas, minutes, and reports for the board and subcommittees. Whenever necessary, to communicate with the chairman and other board members about a variety of topics. To maintain all mailings and to always keep them current
  • Ensures that your areas promote and follow Kenyan, OSHA, FTO, HACCP, and other company-health and safety policies by becoming aware with them.
  • assumes responsibility for resolving dangerous circumstances and notifies the general manager or the appropriate department of any substantial concerns.
  • is knowledgeable about first aid, fire, and emergency protocols, and actively upholds these in your sphere of influence.
  • enables efficient training programs that raise worker awareness levels, ensuring the greatest level of safety and security.


  • graduate from an authorized university’s four-year business administration management degree or its equivalent.
  • 2 years of experience working at a busy, respected, medium-sized hotel

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