Finance Manager at Gelian Hotel Machakos

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Summary of Position:

Career Summary

  • Make sure the hotel generates returns on investment that are in line with standards and maximizes revenues.
  • Costs should be reduced, budgets should be followed, and asset management and reserve funds should be in place.
  • Gather debt
  • Ensure that a risk management plan is in place and that all legal requirements are met.

Areas of responsibilities

  • Aiming to maximize sales
  • local purchases only
  • Roles in Training Performance Appraisal

Responsibilities for the job of Finance Manager at Gelian Hotel Machakos

  • the management has established standards for the efficient and organized operation of the finance department.
  • sets a good example for others by abiding by the company’s mission, vision, and guiding principles.
  • obeys the business’s code of conduct
  • daily reconciliation of sales across all revenue channels
  • to keep an audit-proof filling system for all revenue.
  • Obtain information and documentation on all products and services provided by the hotel at a reduced price, without charge, or using company funds in order to report to the chief financial officer.
  • Ensure same-day banking by keeping a daily cashbook that details all cash purchases and receipts made throughout the day.
    • Conduct frequent spot checks to ensure that the storekeeper’s inventories are accurate. This includes items in circulation as well as equipment, consumables, and food and beverage stores.
  • processing of utility and supplier payments
  • Keep track of these spot-checks by keeping a log that specifies what was checked as well as the reconciliation of any discrepancies between the stock control system’s estimated and actual inventory levels.
  • Make sure the hotel cost controller enters all requisitions into the stock control system. Additional verification of the input’s accuracy in terms of the ordered items and numerical quantity must be done.
  • Serve as the hotel’s on-duty manager, handling any complaints, issues that may arise, disturbances, special requests, and other matters as they may arise.
  • Other hotel-related tasks should be performed as needed.
  • creates a productive environment that is highly motivated and supportive of teamwork.
  • uses and creates communication channels and tools to spread information and streamline workflow across all sections
  • enhances the team’s commitment to its work and the hotel while fostering teamwork.
  • utilizes the most effective communication technique for the situation at hand to communicate at all levels of the organization.


  • CPAK graduate member with a bachelor’s degree in commerce or accounting from an accredited university.
  • understanding of hotel accounting programs like Sun, Micros Fidelio, and Opera
  • three years of experience working in a busy, reputable hotel.

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