AFRISE Challenge 2023 for African Youth and student entrepreneurs ($600,000 in funding)

Deadline: 26th February 2023 | AFRISE Challenge 2023 for African Youth

High potential African student and youth entrepreneurs have the chance to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors and contribute to local and regional economic development by creating jobs through the AFRISE Challenge. Apply Now. (Link here in at the end)

Title: AFRISE Challenge 2023 for African Youth
Nationality: Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, and Senegal
Funding: About $600,000
Deadline: 26th February 2023
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For this program, Concordia University, Montreal, QC has teamed up with Hindsight Ventures and AfriLabs. Its main focus is on how young entrepreneurs may assist “African” economies in “Rising.”

African teenagers between the ages of 18 and 30 are the target audience. Applications from Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, and Senegal are welcome. AFRISE looks for young innovators and businesspeople with scalable solutions to societal problems.

The following are just a few of the problems that we are looking for innovative kids (individually or in teams) to solve: Environment, Agriculture, Financial Services, Health Care, Energy/utility, Education, Arts/Creativity.

Program Benefits

Accelerator Program

  • Thirty high-potential founders will be chosen to participate in an accelerator program that will provide mentorship and leadership development. The program will be led by successful founders, business executives, subject matter experts, and investors, as well as executives from Concordia University, District 3 Innovation Centre, Hindsight Ventures, and the AfriLabs global network.

Worldwide Demo Day

  • In order to receive funding support (grant + equity based investment), the Top-15 Entrepreneurs will present at a Virtual Demo Day to a group of Early Stage Venture Investors and Entrepreneurship Support Organizations as the program’s culmination.

·      Credits for technology and other assistance

  • Each business receives more than $600,000 in technology credits from sponsors like AWS, FreshWorks, IBM, Microsoft, Canva, and DigitalOcean.

Tour for Market Exposure to Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec

  • Five young entrepreneurs are chosen to participate in Concordia University’s 1-week international exposure program in Montreal.

Eligibility: What entitles me to submit a program application?

If you are a young entrepreneur from Uganda, Nigeria, Morocco, or Senegal tackling a problem with the potential to have a significant effect, you are eligible to apply.

Does the idea need to be accompanied by a prototype?

Yes, it is usually ideal to have a prototype or some early traction. Ideas at the napkin stage are welcome.


For More Information about the Afrise Challenge Visit Here

To apply for this Challenge, Click Here

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