2023 Arrell Food Innovation Awards ($125,000 CAD award) for outstanding worldwide food innovation

March 10, 2023 is the application deadline | 2023 Arrell Food Innovation Awards

Since 2018, the Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards have been given out annually to honor innovative ideas and accomplishments from people and organizations all over the world. In these categories—research innovation and community engagement innovation—are given away two prizes each worth $100,000.

The Arrell Food Institute honors world leaders who are securing the planet’s food security in the future and seeks to motivate young leaders to make risky changes. To meet the challenges of feeding 9 billion people and beyond, our globe will need scientific excellence and community involvement.

Eligibility requirements

  • There are no restrictions on nomination based on gender, race, religion, creed, or country of residence.
  • Private businesses, academic institutions, governmental agencies, charity foundations, and not-for-profit organizations are all permitted to submit nominations. Only the nomination with the most recent date will be considered if there are more than one from the same organization.
  • Achievement categories for the scientific award
  • This first award honors a researcher or group of researchers who have made important advances in our knowledge of food production, processing, distribution, consumption, safety, and/or human nutrition.
  • Food science, crop or livestock genetics, agroecology, pest control, supply chain management, soil health, human nutrition, food processing, food packaging, or food safety are included, but not limited to.
  • Achievement categories for the community award
  • This second prize honors a person or group of people who have strengthened underserved areas while also improving nutritional health and/or food security.
  • It covers a variety of topics, such as home nutrition, urban poverty, food security for Native Americans, traditional food systems, socioeconomic policy, and the eradication of poverty.


The following criteria will be used to determine winners of the Anvil Global Food Innovation Awards:

  • The person or organization being nominated will have significantly improved community nutrition, including access to and distribution of food, and/or made exceptionally noteworthy and well-documented contributions to either the scientific understanding of food production, distribution, and sales, or human nutrition and consumption.
  • The nomination package must unequivocally show how the person or group being recognized played a crucial leadership role in realizing the contributions listed above.
  • A plan or financing request should not be included in the nomination package.
  • Candidates must be available to participate in the award ceremony and related activities.

For Additional Information

Visit the Arrell Food Innovation Awards 2023 official website.

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