Casa Africa’ “Objetivo Africa” Photographic Competition 2023

Deadline: 28 April 2023 | Casa Africa’ “Objetivo Africa” Photographic Competition 2023

The XIII Edition of Casa Africa’s Photography Contest, “Objetivo Africa,” has been announced. This year’s theme, “Public Spaces in Africa,” calls for images that best promote the good things about the African continent.

Public spaces in Africa, community life and shared environments have the weight of the idiosyncrasies of African communities.

African communities. They are central and vital spaces for citizenship. They are meeting places for the whole community, places for cultural transmission, for celebration, for debate, for making decisions that affect the community, places also for trade, for the informal economy, fundamental for economic development.

Public spaces have become important for cities and towns all over the world, but they have always been important in Africa. They are unique spaces where opinions, ideas and identity are shared, freely debated and celebrated.

  • Submit a maximum of five (5) images from each applicant online through the MundoArti platform.
  • Send the images in JPEG format with a minimum resolution of 200 dpi and a file size of 1 to 5 MB.
  • Esteemed members of the jury of the arts community, will evaluate the piece’s originality, inventiveness of technique, and clarity of message.
  • First award: 1000€
  • Second award: 500€
  • Third award: 300€
Process for participation:
  • Download your application form, complete it, sign it, and scan it. You must save the created PDF if you want to attach it to the platform.
  • Have your pictures available, together with a description of each one and the time and location.
  • Prepare a copy of your passport or identification card.
  • Enter Mundo Arti with all these materials prepared (you will have to register if you have not done so before). Send an email to if you experience any difficulties while participating.

For further information, visit Casa Africa (Casa Africa’ “Objetivo Africa” Photographic Competition 2023)

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