African Women’s Mawazo Fellowship Program 2023 (Funded)

Deadline: the 12th of March 2023 | African Women’s Mawazo Fellowship Program 2023 (Funded)

The Mawazo Fellowship Programme 2023 is now accepting applications. Mawazo Fellows take part in a virtual training program that includes professional development courses created by the Mawazo Institute and hosted on the Mawazo Learning Exchange (MLEx) e-learning platform as part of the 15-month, non-residential Mawazo Fellowship Programme.

Fellows also gain from financial assistance for research activities, mentorship and networking to further their careers, and platforms for policy outreach and public involvement to raise their profile and potential for influence.

Title: African Women’s Mawazo Fellowship Program
Nationality: All African Women
Funding: Funding for scientific endeavors with access to awards of up to US$2,500 $500 as a stipend for personal use $150 data bundles to assist with mlex platform access
Deadline: 12th of March 2023
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The goal of this initiative is to create a network of African women specialists who are prepared to shape public debate and policy in academia and beyond, enhancing the use of concrete, fact-based ideas that fuel Africa’s development. All Fellows become a part of the network of previous Fellows and continue to get assistance from Mawazo through its Mawazo Voices program.

Thematic Subjects

Up to forty (40) women will get financial assistance from the Mawazo Fellowship Program in 2023 as they pursue their PhDs at recognized institutions all around Africa. While any qualified PhD students are invited to submit an application, they particularly encourage those researching in the following fields to do so:

  • Agricultural Security and Food
  • Trade, Business, and the Economy
  • Natural resources, the environment, and climate change
  • Pedagogy and education
  • Engineering and Energy
  • Rights, Governance, and Gender
  • Technology and Information
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences


The following perks are available to Mawazo Fellows:

  • Participation in the Mawazo Learning Exchange (mlex) e-learning platform’s internal virtual training and professional development program.
  • Connections to leaders in academia, business, government, and other areas, as well as exposure to these leaders through a structured mentorship program
  • Funding for scientific endeavors with access to awards of up to US$2,500
  • $500 as a stipend for personal use
  • $150 data bundles to assist with mlex platform access
  • The Mawazo team and their collaborators provide research and editing help.
  • Public policy and involvement, strategic communications, and the Mawazo Voices program all increase visibility.


Candidates must:

  • Be a woman (cisgender and transgender women are included in the term “woman”). In addition, they accept Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB) non-binary, AFAB gender non-conforming, and other AFAB genderqueer people (who have traditionally been barred from locations where decisions are made).
  • Identify as an African national.
  • possess excellent written and verbal English skills.
  • be enrolled in a PhD program in an African university that has received accreditation.
  • be in the dissertation/thesis stage of their PhD, having finished their course work (if applicable) and successfully defended their departmental or graduate school proposal.
  • Show how your PhD study is pertinent to a global, regional, national, or subnational policy issue and is tied to the development of Africa.
  • Showcase their “Big Idea” on how their research will impact Africa (by “Big Idea,” they imply an original research-based solution to assist in addressing Africa’s burgeoning societal challenges).
  • Show potential for leadership both inside and outside of academia, as well as a strong desire to use their knowledge to improve society.
  • allowed to engage completely in the program in 2023–2024.


When the following are offered, applications will be deemed finished:

  • an application form online
  • a statement stating that you are currently studying in a phd program with a certified university. And that you have successfully passed your departmental defense are also required.
  • a recent 2-page cv.
  • a letter of recommendation from your phd advisor
  • a letter of recommendation from a second referee

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