The American Center’s 2023 Public Management Leadership Series

Want to Lead Purposefully? Become a member of the Public Management & Leadership Development Program in 2023.

Focus Areas Include:

      The toolset for leaders in communication

      The lifestyle and habits of successful leaders

      being an agent of change

      Climbing the Leadership Ladder


Deadline: Join by February 10 2023


About Public Management & Leadership Development Program in 2023.:

If you’ve ever wondered where to find other leaders who share your passion for driving change and commitment to lifelong learning in the public sector, here is the place for you! To share and exchange ideas on how to take advantage of possibilities in the leadership space to effect change, submit an application right away to participate in the Leadership series of workshops.

All candidates interested in the program should commit to attending both the in-person and online sessions. It is accessible to active, self-driven public managers who have shown the capacity to lead and transform the public service or who have held a leadership role.

Enroll by February 10, 2023, to benefit from the full year of leadership development and improve your capacity to advance in management, public service, and leadership.

28th of January: Team Strategic Meeting

18th of February, 10 am to 12 pm First Session of EAT

Click Here to fill the FORM fo Public Management & Leadership Development Program.

Join us on Telegram as well as Whatsapp for more opportunity updates




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