Program for funding owned and operated by African women called OPEN Equity by CSI Energy Group ($100,000 in funding)

CSI Energy Group invests in women-owned enterprises (funding of about $ 100,000) | Deadline for applications: February 19, 2023

CSI Energy Group invests in women-owned enterprises in Africa’s energy industry. To help them expand by giving them access to capital and industry knowledge to increase their impact and profitability.

The company may also be able to integrate into the CSI Energy Group’s value chain or energy ecosystem. It may assist the contracting side by providing goods or services. Or it may take part in operations related to production, distribution, or support (including admin, marketing, tech, HR etc)

About you:

·      You are totally committed to the business.

·      You prioritize business.

·      You welcome coaching

·      Your company needs a strategic investor to expand.

Describe your business:

·      Your business has at least 3 employees and has produced consistent 12-month revenue from a loyal client base of at least USD 25,000.

·      You can scale or replicate your service or product.

·      Your business is operational, and all administrative paperwork is current.

·      Your business is a limited corporation that has been registered and that has all the necessary permissions and operating licenses.

·      You have a team in place with complementary skills.

·      You have a favorable effect on society, the environment, and the economy.

·      Women have significant leadership positions and supply chain positions at your organization.

·      Your business must be based in Africa and run there. Although they prefer businesses with a presence in the countries they work with, such as Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Burundi, Uganda, Zambia, Mauritius, and Rwanda, they would still like to hear from you if your company meets their requirements and is located in another African nation.


·      We make investments in women-owned enterprises operating in the energy sector in Africa, helping them expand by giving them access to capital and knowledge that will increase their impact and profitability.

·      We make an equity investment of up to USD 100,000 along with a complete assistance program that is designed to meet your company’s demands.

For Additional Information

Visit the CSI Energy Group OPEN Equity funding program’s

If you and your business fit the eligibility criteria above, download our Application form here and submit Here

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