The EUI Young African Leaders Programme (YALP) 2023/2024

The EUI Young African Leaders Programme (YALP) 2023/2024 is designed for professionals in the middle of their careers. They receive fully funded training in Florence, Italy, along with a grant of €2,500 a month.



Deadline for Applications: February 22, 2023 (15:00 Italian time, CET)


Young African Leaders Programme (YALP) of the EUI School of Transnational Governance (STG) offers young African leaders a singular opportunity to advance their professional work and policy work amongst international specialists and world leaders.


Selected candidates will participate in seminars, training sessions, conferences, and study abroad trips to Europe in the vibrant academic environment of the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. This will be a really rewarding experience because of the interactions with the other fellows, the policymakers, and the academic community at the EUI.



The EUI Young African Leaders Programme (YALP) 2023/2024


African leaders


Fully  training in Florence | grant of €2,500 a month.


February 22, 2023 (15:00 Italian time, CET)

Program Start:

 in September 2023.

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The fellowship is a full-time program that is fully financed.



Conditions for Eligibility


      The three-month leadership program is fully financed by a grant of €2,500 per month for each spot.

      For the duration of their visit, African leaders are required to reside in the Florence region.

      The program is only available in English.

      The program is intended for emerging leaders, policymakers, diplomats, and professionals from Africa who are in the middle of their careers and have a high potential for success. These individuals work for national and local governments, regional, continental, and international organizations and development partners, as well as civil society organizations, academic institutions, the media, and the private sector in Africa.

      Mid-career professionals and executives who will be under 35 at the start of the program on September 1, 2023, are eligible for the fellowship. On September 1, 2023, women and those with impairments will be given special consideration up until age 40.

      The applicants must be African citizens who live in Africa.

      Access to the program for young people with impairments will get special consideration, and as necessary, special measures will be planned throughout the fellowship.

      Requirements for the Award




The Young African Leaders Program will run from September 2023 to November 2023 for three months. The fellows are required to dedicate themselves fully to the program throughout this time.




In order to participate fully in the activities of the EUI-STG and the fellowship, fellows must live in the Florence region for the duration of their fellowship (with the possibility of short visits outside Florence and Italy as part of the programme). The fellowship cannot be completed online or remotely.




      The monthly grant minimum is €2,500.


      Successful applicants must tell the EUI about any additional funds or pay they receive. Depending on the quantity of the additional income, the fellowship amount will be determined at a lower rate (minimum €1,750 per month) (upon production of relevant supporting documents).


Family allowances, if available, will be added to the base grant (see below).


Family stipends


      If the partner lives with the fellow in Florence and the income of the partner is less than € 2,000 per month, the fellow with a partner may receive a household allowance of up to € 300 per month. The monthly maximum for income and allowance is € 2,000 (i.e., if income is over € 1,700, the allowance will only be provided to top up to € 2,000).


      Each dependent child receives a monthly payment of € 200. Fellows are eligible for these benefits as long as they can attest that they are not getting any comparable benefits from another source and provide the necessary supporting documentation (i.e. marriage or partner certificate, or proof of cohabitation in Florence; birth certificates).


      A school or university certificate is required for dependent children who are over the age of 18 and enrolled full-time in school. Children who are dependant and older than 26 are not given an allowance.




The EUI does not impose taxes on the fellowship. However, Fellows must abide by any additional tax regulations that may be relevant to them.


Health Insurance


Throughout their time at the Institute, Fellows are required to have comprehensive medical insurance. They can either submit documentation of their own insurance policy or, at their own expense, enroll in the EUI’s private sickness and health insurance program.


For Additional Information


Visit the EUI Young African Leaders Programme 2023 to apply for this Programme.



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