Fulbright: Grants for Teaching, Study, and Research and Exchange programs in the U.S

Background of the Fulbright Program | Deadline: Vary Per Program



Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas introduced the legislation that led to the creation of the Fulbright program in 1946. Whatever their vocation, Senator Fulbright envisioned a program that would encourage people to increase intercultural understanding and global collaboration. The Fulbright Program, which is run by the US government in collaboration with more than 160 nations worldwide, provides opportunities for accomplished and enthusiastic students, researchers, artists, teachers, and professionals from all backgrounds to study abroad, teach, or work on significant research and professional projects.


Visit https://eca.state.gov/fulbright/ for details on the Fulbright Program globally.


Ugandan Fulbright Scholar


Over 300 Ugandans have won Fulbright grants to study further or do research in the United States since the Fulbright program began in Uganda in the 1950s.


Through funding, Ugandan students, professionals, academics, and educational leaders can take part in research, teach, or study at American higher education institutions. Ugandan institutions can take part by hosting American researchers, professors, and students to give lectures and create course curricula.


Opportunities available to Ugandans


Program for Foreign Fulbright Scholars


gives junior teachers and young professionals the chance to acquire the best degree available in their specialty before returning to Uganda to help strengthen its educational institutions. A maximum of two years of funding is provided for candidates.




Program for Fulbright African Research Scholars and Visiting Scholars


grants a three- to nine-month post-doctoral research grant to a three- to five-month grant of interest for professional development at a U.S. institution.



Program for Fulbright Scholars Residency


Institutions in the United States invite foreign faculty members to teach for a semester or academic year. Either by name or field, scholars are solicited.



Distinguished Teaching Awards from the Fulbright Program for International Teachers


International primary and secondary teachers are brought to the US for a semester-long program to work on their own or in groups, complete professional development courses at a US host university, and interact with US colleagues.



Program for Hubert Humphrey Fellowships


grants to professionals in public service who are mid-career to complete a year of non-degree graduate study and professional experiences.



How can I apply from Uganda to the Fulbright Program?


There are various application deadlines and separate application processes for each Fulbright Program. Every year, between January and March, program announcements are published on the embassy website at http://ug.usembasy.gov/

Possibilities for hosting American scholars, experts, and students


American Fulbright Scholar Program


Departments that want to host a U.S. Scholar for a lecture and research project are encouraged to submit an application. Departments submit “Request for Fulbright” forms after the announcement is made in October. Academics from the United States may stay for a semester or an academic year.



U.S. Student Fulbright Program


Seniors at graduating American universities submit applications to carry out study in their preferred nation. Universities may grant students positions as research associates.



Program for Fulbright Specialists


gives Ugandan colleges and institutions the chance to work on a specific topic with a U.S. expert for two to six weeks. Before submitting, please get in touch with Kampalaexchanges@state.gov to discuss your specialty project. A US expert will be chosen to visit Uganda once a proposal has been authorized by the Fulbright Board.



Short-Term Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for American Teachers (Fulbright DAST) To host highly qualified U.S. educators for collaborative projects, schools, teacher training colleges, government agencies, or educational non-governmental groups can submit an application.



Program for English Teaching Assistants at Fulbright


Employed as English teaching assistants in primary and secondary schools or universities abroad, recent college graduates and young professionals help international students learn English and about the United States.



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