For international developing leaders, the McCain Institute Global Leaders Program 2023. (To the United States, Fully Funded)

The McCain Institute Global Leaders Program 2023. Deadline for applications: Tommorow January 15, 2023.

The McCain Institute Global Leaders Program 2023 helps morally strong leaders from all around the world who uphold the legacy of Senator John McCain of dedicating oneself to something bigger than oneself. Each cohort will consist of 25 different leaders from around the world. Who are working “in the arena” to advance democracy, human rights, and freedom. The program is designed as a 10-month fellowship and intensive learning experience. By offering training, tools, and access to extremely relevant regional and international networks. The program is intended to develop each Leader’s personal and professional leadership journey. And impact with the aim of empowering today’s leaders to take on tomorrow’s issues.

The McCain Institute will choose a thematic focus area and seek out participants. Who work on pertinent topics associated with each subject in order to adapt to. And satisfy the needs of a constantly changing and complicated global environment. The Leaders will take part in regional and international programming over the course of the 10-month program. With the aim of introducing them to both a larger and more varied network of global peers. As well as a highly relevant and targeted professional peer group in their home region.

Defending Democracy is the 2023 global theme.

The 2023 McCain Global Leaders Cohort will concentrate on preserving democracy. This is in response to the mounting threat to freedom, human rights, and democracy worldwide. The risks to democracy posed by the emergence of authoritarianism, disinformation, division, violent extremism, and conflict are among the greatest issues facing the international community. Leaders will investigate the main threats to democracy in 2023. As well as examine and discover potential solutions to guarantee the long-term stability of democracy worldwide.

Leaders will embark on a journey that will assist give them the tools needed to be champions of democracy in their own nation and region. Continuing Senator John McCain’s tradition of being on the front lines of defending and advocating for democracy, freedom, and human rights.


Leaders are chosen through an open, competitive hiring procedure. Each annual cohort consists of 25 Leaders who are divided into 4 geographical groups.

Although there is no minimum age requirement, Leaders usually range in age from 25 to 40.

Leaders should have a proven track record of putting others before themselves and have hands-on experience tackling the universal issue of safeguarding democracy.

The McCain Institute places a strong emphasis on diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, people with disabilities, political views, economic background, and educational attainment.

McCain Leadership Education:

Leaders take part in a curriculum that is taught both in-person and online throughout the program. The curriculum is created to include knowledge and experiences from Senator McCain’s life. To support and enhance in-person interactions. And to put a strong emphasis on fostering community and teamwork.

The dynamic peer-mentorship approach, which the Leaders use to directly support one other’s journeys, is a key component of the curriculum. The program will teach practical skills that will enable leaders tackle some of the most difficult problems affecting their own nation and area, while also assisting each leader in outlining their own path as a changemaker.

For Additional Information and to apply before the end of tomorrow:

Visit the McCain Institute Global Leaders Program 2023 website.

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