Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR) Grant

An independent Quaker not-for-profit organization called Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR) Grant spreads the wealth of God’s love by promoting fairness through global collaborations.


Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR) Grant


ALL Nationalities


$ 5,500


30 June 2023


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Groups of disadvantaged women in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and India get money from RSWR to support their individual microbusiness enterprises. The foundation of Right Sharing’s work is a sense of stewardship for the world’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual resources.

Regarding the Grant

·      Small grassroots organizations are given seed money by Right Sharing of World Resources to start projects that will generate income for women.

·      We provide funding for grants to organizations in south India, sections of Kenya, and Sierra Leone. Organizations must be modest in size and have minimal to no access to outside funding. They should also be under 20 years old.

·      For low-income women who are a part of a self-help group, RSWR supports projects that generate revenue on a freelance basis. There must be a revolving loan component to the project. We think that very impoverished people can create self-sufficiency through small-scale income-generating ventures. We may multiply the impact of our donation by mandating that the project include a revolving loan program because the money will be loaned out to numerous different women in the community.

Award Size

For a maximum of five years, up to US $5,500 per year. Each new proposal must target a different group of women because projects are only funded for one year at a time.

Who can apply

·      We work to support newer, smaller organizations whose budgets could prevent them from qualifying for funding from larger organizations.

·      NGOs must have annual budgets of less than $16,500 and be younger than 20 years old.

How to Use

·      A proposal outlining your project is required. Observe the RSWR requirements listed below. Two financing cycles exist for RSWR.

·      Each cycle has a June 30 and a December 31 deadline. We strongly advise submitting proposals to us at least one month before these deadlines. If a proposal is submitted after the deadline, it won’t be taken into account until the following funding round. While keeping your proposal as concise as you can, address each point on the accompanying check-list. Send your complete project budget as well as your organization’s most recent yearly financial audit together with your proposal. Please be aware that we need the most recent audit for the entire company, not just a particular department or project.


Email submissions should be made to india-applications@rswr.org.

Please click the link for further details.

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