GAYA Small Grants Program (Funding $240,000 USD)

ADo you have a plan or an initiative to help better incorporate youth and gender into development, emergency food security, resilience, and response initiatives? – GAYA Small Grants Program (Funding  $240,000 USD)

Your efforts could be financed and amplified by the Gender and Youth Activity (GAYA)!


GAYA Small Grants Program (Funding  $240,000 USD)


Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Niger,Nigeria, Cameroon, Mozambique and all the countries where USAID/BHA has operations


$ 240,000


16 January 2023



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Program Improvement Awards from GAYA include:

·      a stipend of up to $240,000 USD spread out over two years

·      ongoing assistance from a group with expertise in program management, youth, and gender

·      Overview of a small grant

·      These Program Improvement (PIA) Award small grants can be used by development and emergency food security, resilience, and emergency response activities programs to enhance the gathering and/or use of gender and/or youth data to plan and modify their initiatives. Applications will aid in the creation, evaluation, packaging, and dissemination of process enhancements, new ideas, and/or research to enhance the gathering and utilization of gender and/or youth data.

In response to input from implementers of BHA-funded initiatives. This Program Improvement Award RFA. Seeks to develop practical, program-oriented ways to the integration and use of data. Mainly to enhance understanding of gender norms and youth dynamics. The request for user-friendly process innovation, enhancement, or research came from the implementation partners. Who wanted to increase their capacity for meaningfully integrating gender norms and youth data into their projects.

All grants will be distributed as subawards under the Save the Children US GAYA cooperative agreement with the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, and grantees are expected to abide by all applicable USAID policies. These donations will come in the form of Fixed Amount Awards.

Application from local implementing partners is strongly encouraged.


·      We accept proposals from nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), profit-making businesses, research institutions, and institutions of higher learning located in the US or abroad (HEIs).  Applicants may come from any country throughout the world. And applications must be executed in nations where USAID/BHA has operations or has supported initiatives in the last three years.

·      Within the last three years, organizations have to properly handle money from the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (2020, 2021, 2022). Receiving money as the Prime awardee or any other level of sub-awardee is included in this.

·      Applications from regional or local groups run by young people under the age of 29 are invited.

·      Applications from regional or local groups run by women or with a female-focused mission are encouraged.

·      Regardless of age, gender, or handicap, we invite applications from organizations that are headed by or serve all people and identities.

·      Food security, resilience, and emergency response operations are the focus of this RFA for both development and emergency purposes.

·      Applicants may be organizations that, under any agreements, serve as subrecipients or subcontractors to Mercy Corps or Save the Children.

·      Organizations in your community or region are especially encouraged to apply.

Who cannot apply?

·      Applications that will be executed in whole or in part in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Nicaragua, Guatemala, or Guatemala will not be taken into consideration.

·      Applications will not be accepted from: Individuals and/or sole proprietorships; Government entities, including ministries; Public international organizations; Firms operating as commercial companies or other organizations (including nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations) that are wholly or primarily commercial in nature. Addedly, Members of the GAYA consortium: Save the Children and Mercy Corps, including other country and fundraising offices outside the US (e.g., Save the Children UK, Mercy Corps Uganda) (2020, 2021, 2022). Receiving money as the Prime awardee or any other level of sub-awardee is included in this.

What kinds of initiatives will be given funding consideration?

·      initiatives that support creative, regionally adapted approaches to youth and/or gender.

·      Projects that assist BHA implementing partners in gathering, analyzing, and using data on youth and/or gender-related issues or solutions.

·      efforts that change harmful gender conventions, taboos, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as initiatives that apply effective youth development strategies.

·      projects that actively incorporate underrepresented groups and various viewpoints throughout the course of an endeavor. Using a participatory design approach with young people in the lead to design your suggested intervention is one way to do this. Or including a women’s community organization in the planning and direction of a fresh data collection endeavor. Alternately, include LGBTQI+ individuals in discussions on how to formulate questions about gender and sexuality in a data collection tool.


Where should I send my concept note?

·      You send your proposal to the GAYA email address, as specified in the call for proposals.

·      Application Download pdf

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