The 2023 Gratitude Network Fellowship Programme

The Gratitude Network Fellowship Programme 2023 is now accepting applications. A free, one-year program for non-profit leaders and their organizations everywhere in the world, the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program is offered. The curriculum increases leaders’ competence and self-assurance and offers resources and methods for enhancing the organization’s influence. (The 2023 Gratitude Network Fellowship Programme)



Gratitude Fellows are better capable of leading and do it with greater confidence. They have more synchronized teams prepared to carry out a multi-year strategic plan to advance the organization and ultimately have a greater influence on children and kids.



The 2023 Gratitude Network Fellowship Program


 All Nationalities




March 5, 2023


1 Year

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Every year, Gratitude Network searches the world for seasoned social impact leaders who can demonstrate a successful organizational model for children and young, who are devoted to leadership development, and who are prepared to advance their organizations. Every year, they choose about 30 individuals from among more than 1,000 applicants to take part in their program.




Leaders only


·      An increase in leadership assurance

·      Leads a team more successfully

·      Understands opportunities and leadership strengths


To Organizations


·      Unified leadership group

·      Clear expansion goals that are pertinent to their neighborhood

·      A multi-year strategy for carrying out the vision

·      Beneficiaries’ impact on the scale



Change in Impact Trajectory and Rise in the Affected Children and Youth




The Fellowship Program of The Gratitude Network is intended to help the organization’s leader and overall development. The organization and applicants must abide by the eligibility standards listed below.




·      Non-profit, charitable, or NGO organization with legal registration

·      A minimum of two years old

·      Must employ at least two people full-time (including the applicant)

·      Children and youth must be the primary beneficiaries, and they must fall under one of the following categories: Education, Health and Well-being, Children’s Rights

·      Able to scale up and increase the organization’s effect




·      Has the ability to make strategic decisions for the company

·      Fully dedicated to the organization

·      Able and eager to guide the organization as it scales and increases impact

·      Follow the guidelines for the gratitude network fellowship program’s time commitments and timetable.




Official program sessions will begin in July 2023 after the 2023 Fellowship Cohort has been officially onboarded in June 2023. March 5, 2023, is the application cutoff date.


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