S+T+ARTS Prize Competition 2023: Call for Applications (€20,000 Prize)

The S+T+ARTS Prize Competition 2023 application period is currently open. The European Commission’s S+T+ARTS project promotes partnerships between technological advancement and creative expression.

The S+T+ARTS Prize, part of this effort. Honors the most innovative partnerships and accomplishments in the fields of creativity and innovation at the intersections of science, technology, and the arts. Ars Electronica, along with the consortium partners Bozar, Waag, INOVA+, T6 Ecosystems, French Tech Grande Provence, and Frankfurter Buchmesse. Announces the S+T+ARTS Prize of the European Commission. Since 2016, the S+T+ARTS Prize competition has awarded more than 200 projects out of 14.291 submissions. From 96 different countries, awarding a total of €280,000 in prize money.


S+T+ARTS Prize Competition 2023: Call for Applications (€20,000 Prize)


All Countries


€20,000 Prize


3rd of March 2023



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S+T+ARTS Prize Priorities for 2023

The prestigious award’s latest edition features a thematic theme in addition to an extended consortia. Cross-sectoral projects examining the disruptive potential of creative data and media innovation. As well as works probing hybrid formats, ground-breaking technology, or efforts of storytelling in next-generation media, are currently receiving attention. The focus for 2023 is on innovative initiatives. Even though all excellent examples of creative collaborations and artistic explorations in S+T+ARTS are strongly urged to submit their works:

·      That experiment with immersive technology, interactive media, and associated technological advancements; and that demonstrate a fresh aesthetic approach to data.

·      Which show a democratization in the use and application of data, as well as in the development and creation of content in the media environment.

·      That take part in citizen participation, crowdsourcing & co-creation, user-generated material, or metadata.

·      That make clear the advantages and disadvantages of how modern data systems and media interfaces are organized.

·      That display fresh, qualitative approaches as a result of disrupting traditional media, including novel ways in the distinctive development, access, and dissemination of media material and platforms as well as personalized and non-linear storytelling.


·      The emphasis of both prizes is on the creative appropriation and employment of technologies as well as the search for distinctive constellations of collaboration from the S+T+ARTS fields. Two prizes, each with a prize fund of €20,000, are offered to honor innovative projects at the intersection of science, technology, and the arts.

·      Grand Prize for Innovative Collaboration: recognizes unique partnerships between business, technology, and the creative (and artistic) industries that create new opportunities for innovation.

·      The Grand Prize for Artistic Exploration recognizes creative work and study that has the greatest potential to alter how people use, use, or perceive technology.


S+T+ARTS is open to researchers, companies, and creative workers from all over the world and is not just for residents of EU member states.

You may send:

·      Projects and collaborations that are at the forefront of technology and the arts. The competition is not primarily interested in projects that are purely aesthetic or mechanical.

·      S+t+arts is not limited to a certain genre like media art or digital art; rather, it embraces all forms of artistic works and practices with a strong connection to innovation in technology, business, and/or society.

·      Any kind of technological or scientific research and development that draws inspiration from the arts or uses artists to spark original thought.

·      The jury is eager to receive contributions from a wide range of subjects and fields. Applications are invited for projects in a variety of fields, including new media applications, human computer interface, machine learning, biotechnology, art & science, green technologies, material research, smart cities and citizen empowerment, robotics, quantum technology, and many more.

Judging Standards

·      The standard of creative inquiry and its possible impact on technology

·      Quality and effectiveness of the art and technology collaboration

·      The degree to which the link is to innovation, education, social inclusion, or sustainability

·      The proposal that was submitted and its quality and implementation of the european dimension

·      General standards such presentation approach and quality, creativity, a compelling idea, and aesthetics


The S+T+ARTS Prize 2023 entry period will run from January 11 through March 3, 2023.

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