Grow Further Agricultural Researchers Grants 2023 (up to 100,000 grant per year)

Deadline: January 31, 2023

Deadline: January 31, 2023

Applications open for Agricultural Researchers Grants 2023. Grow Further encourages agricultural researchers submit proposals for funding, and in some cases also management assistance.

Grow Further is a nonprofit organization (based in Seattle, Washington USA with a national/global remote team) that makes grants to agricultural innovations relevant to smallholder farmers and other populations at risk of food insecurity. 

The Agricultural Researchers Grants 2023 will take awards in nutrition, climate adaptation, and agricultural income into consideration throughout this grant cycle. More so, they plan to award two grants, one in the area of climate adaptation and one in the field of nutrition as well as value-added agriculture, subject to the quality of the submissions.

  • Grants in a range of $10-100,000 per year.  Grants generally last for 1-5 years.
  • All types of organizations, public, private, and nonprofit, are in principle eligible to apply, though additional due diligence may apply to for-profit entities. 
  • They anticipate awarding most grants to institutions based in low, lower-middle, or upper middle-income countries, though this is not a requirement as long as the grant benefits smallholder farmers and other populations at risk of food insecurity in these countries. 
  • As a privately funded organization, they have flexibility to work in countries that aid agencies do not consider as a strategic priority. 
  • Information and communication technology in agriculture as well as more conventional disciplines like agronomy, crop science, plant protection, animal science, veterinary medicine, soil science, and agricultural engineering will all be taken into consideration.

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