Mastercard’s internship program for college students in Africa in 2023

The Mastercard Internship Program offers penultimate students a fully immersive learning environment where they may challenge the status quo, participate in instructive and useful sessions, promote decency and belonging, and serve as the ultimate catalyst for both personal and professional progress. Bring your enthusiasm, share your skills, and take advantage of this absolutely priceless opportunity.




The Mastercard Internship Program









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The Mastercard Intern Program is a complete program where students may learn practical skills for the real world of work while having fun and making a difference for a large corporation. As an intern, you will be required to complete tasks that will test your abilities while also advancing the department’s aims and objectives.​​​​​​​


In addition to enhancing potential, fostering self-confidence, and fostering connections among employees, Mastercard internships also fully immerse new talent in our “Doing Well by Doing Good” ethos. This program is intended for people who dare to be more and who want to have a significant impact on the world.





·      The following year, students who are currently enrolled in college or university and pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree (or an equivalent) are expected to graduate.

·      Innovative thinking and risk-taking that is considered

·      Cooperation across the organization

·      decent communication abilities




·      Throughout the program, you’ll dive right into working with Mastercard and living the corporate life while obtaining invaluable professional experience and networking opportunities.

·      While working as an intern, you will complete significant assignments that affect business outcomes as well as engage in charity work and team-building activities.


Potential Opportunities


·      Cairo, Egypt – Mastercard Internship Program 2023

·      Associate Consultant, Advisors, Mastercard Graduate Launch Program -2023 – Morocco

·      Morocco-based advisor internship with Mastercard in 2023

·      Associate Consultant Internship at Mastercard for the Summer of 2023


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Check out the Mastercard Internship Program 2023 website.


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