Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (Full and Partial Scholarships Available)

Applications are now being accepted for the 9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in 2023. The 9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), from July 7–10, 2023. Dubai is the ideal location to begin an entrepreneurial career.


Deadline: 15th of February 2023 (Early Bird Registration)


Together with the Swiss School of Management and the Global School of Business Management, Bootcamp is being hosted for this edition. Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp was established in 2017 with the goal of providing young entrepreneurs with the greatest platform to start a business from beginning. GEB primarily concentrates on starting up new businesses and assisting those that already exist. So, whether you are a current business owner or an aspiring one, GEB has something for you.



Startups may learn a lot from the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, which offers a welcoming environment where participants from various backgrounds can develop, invent, collaborate, and compete. Additionally, the Bootcamp offers a venue for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their ideas and receive helpful criticism. Additionally, GEB links business owners with top-notch mentors who can advise and support them as they launch new ventures.



9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in 2023


ALL Africans / Global


$ 1000 + Full or Half Scholarship


15th of February 2023


WhatsApp Link:

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·      MBA Full Scholarships at Swiss School of Management in Spain or Italy (15,000 Euro Scholarships)

·      $1,000 USD Cash Prize

·      Free entrance to California’s 10th Bootcamp

·      30 days Free guidance

·      Possibility to connect with Accelerator, Incubation Center, and Seed Funding Opportunities for Venture Capital


Why the 9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a must-attend event.



·      200+ participants from 40 various nations

·      Connecting with incubators and accelerators

·      Mentoring from elite sources mentors from well-known institutions worldwide

·      Gebx membership and sharing of entrepreneurship journey

·      Possibility of receiving funding to expand your startup and creative ideas

·      Teamwork skills

·      Possibility of intercultural cooperation and exchange

·      Develop a global network

·      Opportunity for collaboration with various startups, businesses, and joint ventures

·      An worldwide joint venture corporation is offering an investment opportunity. Opportunity to expand franchise startups in many nations




During the early bird registration period, participants will get full and partial scholarships.




GEB is a global entrepreneurial event that welcomes guests from all around the world. Additionally, the candidates taking part in the GEB can be:


·      Worldwide professionals, students, and businesspeople;

·      Geb believes that innovators, ideas, and entrepreneurs can come from any age group and educational background, thus applicants must be able to speak and write basic english. Consequently, candidates are not required to have a certain educational background.




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Visit the 9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp official website for more details.


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