St. Gallen Symposium Global Essay Competition 2023 (CHF 20,000 prize) update

The St. Gallen Symposium Global Essay Competition 2023 is now accepting applications. Participate in the Global Essay Competition to earn the right to attend The St. Gallen Symposium, the world’s most prestigious forum for intergenerational dialogue, as a Leader of Tomorrow.

Deadline: February 1, 2023

Meet 300 of the most brilliant young minds in society. 600 top leaders will hear your presentation and discussion. Witness some of the most outstanding speakers in the world and be inspired. Learn a fresh, new viewpoint on the year’s theme. Join a distinctive international community. Attend the symposium and take part.

Topical queries

Students from all over the world are being asked to share their opinions on one of the following two questions for the St. Gallen Symposium Global Essay Competition this year, which has as its theme A New Generational Contract:

What is the greatest gift that your generation has received from those who came before it? How can we protect it, then?

Pick and quickly describe a significant accomplishment that was made possible by the efforts of preceding generations. This can relate to social norms and ethics, economic development, political administration, health care, technology, the environment, the arts, or any other area you think pertinent. Ideas, institutions, technologies, or standards that you believe are being questioned by recent developments are of particular interest. Describe how recent trends undermine this significant accomplishment of earlier and prior generations and provide a specific, doable suggestion for how it might be preserved for both your generation and future ones.

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What is the worst thing that the generations before you left behind? How can we replace it, then?

Select and quickly describe a significant negative legacy that has been passed down to your generation from older and earlier generations. This can be from any field you think pertinent, including political administration, economic development, social norms and ethics, education, health, technology, ecology, and the arts. Ideas, institutions, technology, or conventions at the center of how our world functions now are of particular importance. Describe a specific, doable suggestion for how we might replace this destructive legacy that older and earlier generations have left us with.


Prize money of CHF 20,000 will be distributed to the three winners.


Candidates should be:

  • Enrolled in a conventional university’s graduate or postgraduate program in any subject of study (master’s level or higher).
  • Born on or after 1993.
  • Requirements
  • No group work is permitted; individual labor is required. The essay needs to be specifically created for this competition. It must be the author’s own thought.
  • Each source used in the essay must be referenced and linked to the relevant section. All contributions will undergo plagiarism checks.
  • Nowhere in the contribution file should your name, email address, university, or any other identifiable information be disclosed.
  • Essay (max. 2,100 words, excl. Abstract, bibliography, and footnotes) (max. 2,100 words, excl. Abstract, bibliography, and footnotes)
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Please confirm that you can offer the following documents:

passport or other form of identity, copied (in English for non-Roman languages).

confirmation of matriculation or enrollment from your university attesting to your enrollment as of February 1, 2023, in a graduate- or postgraduate-level program (download sample document here).

Your donation file, which does not contain any references to your name in the filename, the file information, or the file itself.

Apply here by clicking

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