Developpp Ventures Ideas Competition 2023 (Up to €100,000 in grant)

Deadline: December 31 2022

Deadline: December 31 2022

Applications for the Developpp Ventures Ideas Competition currently open. Immediately submit an application for startup expansion finance.

Through an open Ideas Competition, suitable start-ups for DeveloPPP Ventures funding are chosen. All start-ups that meet the requirements can participate in this twice a year event. The financial agreement is made with either DEG Impulse gGmbH or Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, depending on the target nation.

Funding requirements

  • Up to EUR 100,000 in grant co-financing is offered by DEG Impulse and GIZ (with an additional EUR 100,000 available for ventures that are successful in a potential second phase).
  • The company must provide matching funds in the form of cash infusion (from sponsors, investors) in an amount equal to the grant financing; These necessary matching funds must be at least partially infused as new stock.
  • The investment proposal is financially sound, and the purpose of funding is clearly defined.
  • Entirely commercial financing of the investment project is not currently possible.
  • The use of funds takes place in the country where the company is registered, such as Ghana, Kenya, or Tanzania (conclusion of contract will only be possible with a locally registered entity) (subsidiarity)
  • The company is registered in Ghana, Kenya or Tanzania OR plans to register there prior to the investment
  • The company is privately owned and profit-oriented
  • At least one annual financial statement is provided
  • A viable business plan and a financial plan
  • The company is operative and has generated first revenues from operating activities (Proof of Concept)
  • The company should not have acquired more than a maximum of €2 million in funding to date
  • Select target country
  • Submit a completed application via the develoPPP application platform
  • Each application will first be evaluated on the basis of consistent and transparent criteria.
  • If application is successful in the competition, your given the opportunity to pitch to the decision-making committee of DEG Impulse and GIZ.
  • Best candidates will then undergo an on-site review (due diligence), which, if successful, will be followed by a funding contract.

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