Mozilla Foundation Responsible Computer Science Challenge 2023 ($250,000 USD)

Deadline: January 17, 2023

Apply now for the Responsible Computer Science Challenge 2023. A new generation of technologists will train through this approach to take into consideration the human effects of technology design and use, to reinvent our technological ecosystems, and to create a better future.

USAID and Mozilla are supporting the conception, prototyping, and scaling of curriculum that combine interdisciplinary viewpoints with computer science education through the Responsible Computer Science Challenge.

Hopping that these learning opportunities will give aspiring technologists the social and historical context they need to better comprehend the effects of their work and arm them with the frameworks they need to create ethical, reliable technology.


  • 10 grants totaling $250,000 USD distributed by the Responsible Computer Science Challenge to Kenyan innovation centers and recognized higher education institutions that include ethical principles into their computer science programs and curricula.

The Responsible Computer Science Challenge open to accredited institutions of higher education and innovation hubs based in Kenya.

Institutions of Higher Education

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) listed on the award application must be an individual who is eligible to receive grants within a computer science, information science / technology, data science, sociology, science and technology studies and allied department or program.
  • The PI may work individually to execute the outlined concept if funded or with a collaborative, cross-disciplinary team with members both inside and outside of the institution of higher education.
  • Teams can include representatives from across departments, student researchers, industry partners and independent researchers.

Innovation Hubs

  • The Responsible Computer Science Challenge also supports the development of educational materials or training workshops at innovation hubs that directly help students and builders incorporate social and political perspectives in the design of new technologies.
  • Principal investigators from innovation hubs should be contracted staff members who are authorized to plan and execute events for the hub’s networks.

Additionally, cross-institutional teams allowed (i.e. collaborations among multiple institutions of higher education and innovation hubs), if funded, award payments only made to the lead applicant organization with whom an award agreement signed.

  • Applications open with the required Letter of Intent due December 15, 2022 Midnight EAT similarly, final application due January 17, 2023 Midnight EAT.

For further information, visit Mozilla Foundation

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