Global AgriInno Challenge Open Call: Connecting Youth-Led Innovation to the Agri-Food Sector

Deadline: November 17, 2022

Recruitment for the Global AgriInno Challenge 2022 is now open! – Global AgriInno Challenge Open Call

Deadline: November 17, 2022

The Global AgriInno Challenge is an international contest for young agricultural entrepreneurs and innovators that highlights and supports their work. Global AgriInno Challenge 2022 will continue to offer entrepreneurs a vibrant platform to exchange experience, advance expertise, and give them the chance to join the extensive global network of collaboration after the last two sessions were successfully organized in 2020 and 2021.

Do you want to help the digital agriculture industry overcome its obstacles and challenges? Are you prepared to share your novel concepts with the world? Do you long for links with a variety of mentorship provided by the government, top angel capitalists, and academic authorities?

Take advantage of the opportunity and submit your application by November 17, 2022. (24:00 CEST).

Six teams will be chosen and invited to the final pitch event, which will be held in Hangzhou, China, on November 30, 2022, with all associated costs paid. The event’s theme is “addressing difficulties related to the transformation of the agrifood systems in line with FAO’s four betters.” Seed funds will be given to the successful teams.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, overseas teams can participate remotely.


The Global AgriInno Challenge 2022, co-organized by FAO and Zhejiang University, aims to find, accelerate, and scale-up youth-led innovative business models and creative solutions for agrifood system concerns in order to accomplish SDGs 1 (No Poverty), 2 (Zero Hunger), and 10 (Life on Land) (Reduced inequalities). The following procedures will be used in the Challenge:

a) reshaping rural development in line with the Four Betters (better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better living) using creative and technological solutions;

b) exchanging the most recent data, expertise, and best practices in digital innovations, business models, and rural digital transformation;

c) creating a supportive atmosphere through PPPs and co-creation possibilities with a variety of participants, practitioners, and experts;

d) involving, empowering, and providing ongoing support to young innovators and agripreneurs as they take on development challenges through the global networks of FAO and partners.

Rewards for taking part

The advantages for the teams chosen to participate in the Innovation For Good and Pitch Event in China are:

  • 2-day professional development focused on your team’s solution through a co-creation method with other young agricultural innovators and entrepreneurs and accomplished professionals from around the world. All associated costs for attending the hacking for good and pitch events in china will be covered, including a) travel costs, including round-trip airfare and/or train travel as well as local transportation costs (taxi, bus, subway); b) lodging and meals; and c) visa application costs, if necessary for participants from outside of china.
  • Access to publicly available data sets provided by the fao and its partners, including the fao hand-in-hand geospatial platform, the fao digital services portfolio, the data lab for statistical innovation, and the earthmap, a tool based on google earth engine, among others
  • Advice from seasoned professionals from the un, international organizations, the corporate sector, and academia, as well as the ability to speak with senior officials from top businesses and organizations.
  • The chance to network with influential agri-food industry executives and top angel investors from venture capital funds that might buy your products.
  • The chance to connect with a wide range of stakeholders and expand your worldwide network in digital agriculture.
  • The top-performing winning teams will get seed money.
  • Join the global agriinno challenge alumni.

Who may apply?

Youth who are creating and implementing digital innovation goods and services that will quicken the adoption of the Four Betters and the transformation of the agrifood systems are welcome to apply for GAC 2022.

Selection standards

The group has obtained legal status by registering as a business;

have annual sales of less than $1 million USD;

have been in business for fewer than 5 years;

Possess a technologically advanced solution or business model with a Technological Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 to 9 (i.e., show proof that the project has advanced past the MVP stage);

Be dedicated to ongoing participation over the life of the program;

The group’s leaders must all be younger than 35. (Teams with female agripreneurs are highly encouraged).

Please take note that any modifications to the criteria will be updated via FAO E-AGRICULTURE. Additionally, all participants will receive timely email notifications.


The two working languages for the Global AgriInno Challenge 2022 are English and Chinese. However, English must be used for all proposals and presentations.

How do I apply?

By November 17th, 2022, the team leader must send the following to global agriinno and copy a) the application form; b) the innovation solution presentation (in PPT format); and c) a video (24:00 CEST).

The required paperwork should contain (in English):

  • Form of Application (you may scan QR code on item 12 or use the attached form in annex)
  • Innovative Response (powerpoint with a maximum of 12 slides, a maximum of 250 words per slide, the Microsoft yahei typeface, and a minimum font size of 16)
  • An overview of the solution (up to 250 words)
  • The identifying of issues (analysis of challenges relating to transformation of the agrifood system)
  • Choose one of the Four Better Categories to which you apply your digital solutions.
  • The project’s mission, vision, and values (including the type of agriculture activity or subsector it is targeting)
  • Technical model (how should the agri-food system and digital agriculture’s concerns be addressed?
  • Justification for timing (why is this the greatest time now?)
  • Situational analysis (who is your major rival and why is your solution superior to others’ in terms of innovation?)
  • Business strategy (target group, the description of outputs and related activities, adoption strategy, applied methods, partners, sustainability, and consideration of gender)
  • Monetary situation (capital raised, capital needed, revenue analysis)
  • Planning for a phased development (what potential impact could your solution have in three years? How do you intend to accomplish it? What are the benchmarks?)
  • How can your concept or solution contribute to the Four Betters and support vulnerable and rural populations? — 1-2 minute video. In a 1-2 minute video, respond to this question. Share the link to the video after it has been uploaded to a video-sharing website (such as youtube, Google Cloud, Youku, Baidu Cloud, or another).

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Global AgriInno Challenge Open Call: Connecting Youth-Led Innovation to the Agri-Food Sector

Please get in touch if you have any questions or require more information.

Copy and send an email to global agriinno


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