The SAP Digital Skills Center offers a free program for young professionals called the SAP Young Professionals Program. The two-month program’s goal is to provide recent graduates with the credentials and soft skills needed to launch a career as a SAP Associate Consultant. SAP will work closely with program graduates to connect them with a variety of possibilities with SAP clients and partners to work as a SAP Consultant after the training is complete.


Ariba SAP Sourcing

You can standardize operations, keep track of sourcing activities, shorten the sourcing cycle time, and generate long-term savings using SAP Ariba Sourcing.


To avoid being disrupted, achieve efficiencies to finance innovation, and modify mission-critical systems without taking economic risks, every firm needs to create new business models. The answer is RISE with SAP.

RISE with SAP is a complete product that includes:

  • Cloud ERP for all company requirements
  • Industry-leading techniques and scalability
  • SAP and our partners offer outcome-driven services for analytics and business process transformation.


  • Begin your path to becoming a SAP Consultant; gain associate-level SAP Certifications that are recognized throughout the world; learn from SAP professionals;
  • Learn about SAP Technologies through workshops and classroom settings;
  • Learn the soft skills you’ll need to succeed in your job applications;
  • Gain access to introductions to job openings within the SAP Ecosystem to assist in finding a career after the course. Please be aware that finishing this program does not guarantee you a job.


  • Candidates must be able to work legally in Uganda.
  • Candidates must be unemployed at the moment or working in a temporary or part-time position unrelated to their professional goals;
  • Candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher in business administration, engineering, or a similar discipline.
  • Candidates should have received their diplomas within the last three years, preferably with a GPA in the top quartile; documentation of this may be required;
  • Candidates must be really interested in beginning a traveling SAP-related career;
  • Candidates should speak and write English with ease;
  • During the training term, full-time availability from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, is required since the program will start in the middle of November 2022. The duration of the program is about two months.
  • This training will be conducted online in a virtual live classroom setting due to the spread of the coronavirus. Please make sure you have reliable internet access at home so you can take part in this program.

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