BYCEP Tourism Hackathon Nigeria 2022

Deadline: 4th November 2022

Deadline: 4th November 2022

Applications open for the Tourism Hackathon Nigeria 2022.You are requested to submit suggestions for scalable and long-lasting solutions that can act as a benchmark for the Nigerian tourism industry as part of this competition.

For the Tourism Hackathon Nigeria 2022, the top 5 ideas will gain invitations to a physical hackathon at the UNWTO Global Tourism Conference, which will take place in Lagos. Similarly,the overall winners will also receive awards, invitations to business accelerator programs, mentorship, and other resources to further develop their solution.

BYCEP is a multifaceted gig marketplace that matches technical skills with ad hoc employment opportunities. At BYCEP, developing talent is at the core of all we do. In the next 10 years, we want to offer 1 million talents in Africa value at scale.

In order to support long-term beneficial educational and social change among the vibrant youth population on the continent, they place a strong emphasis on the return on impact by empowering organizations, youth, communities, marginalized populations, and problem-solvers through training, mentorships, and access to job opportunities.

  • Winners stand a chance to win both cash and in-kind prizes
  • Grand Prize Winners get an all-expense paid trip to Madrid, Spain to represent Nigeria at the UNWTO Innovation Challenge
  • Acceptance into Acceleration program
  • Access to follow-up funding from BYCEP and partners
  • Mentorship from BYCEP and partners
Other benefits include:
  • Developer Badges for everyone that completes a successfully submitted app or web service
  • Access to partner companies looking to hire developers
  • Access to partner companies with project managers with experience building or managing Enterprise applications.


  • The age range for applicants must be between 18 and 40.
  • Candidates must be Nigerian nationals.
What to build
  • Scalable applications anticipated from the participating developers built on top of flexible platforms, and must aim to provide innovative, safe as well as sustainable experiences for consumer and business travelers.
  • Expected to build applications that ensure parties in the Nigerian Tourism ecosystem can have user-friendly access and take into consideration Smart integration of information, Multimodal mobility services, Customized route optimization, with Sustainability for continuous improvements in place.
  • Solution should present a functional user experience to anyone, anywhere, no matter how remote. This includes serving areas of low internet penetration and low smartphone adoption.
  • Apply as an individual or form a team of three persons and select a team lead. (They encourage having female representation).
  • submission must all be completed before the 4th of November for you or your team to be eligible for the final stage holding at the UNWTO Global Conference on the 14th of November.

Stage 1

  • Join the BYCEP Slack channels to start engaging with fellow builders and creators and technical administrators for the Hackathon.

Stage 2

  • Each individual must fill out this Google Form to participate.

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