Vital Strategies Healthy Food Policy Fellowship 2023 (fully funded)

Deadline: November 14 2022.

Deadline: November 14 2022.

Apply now for the Vital Strategies Healthy Food Policy Fellowship 2023.

The Vital Strategies Healthy Food Policy Fellowship is a ground-breaking program to address a significant obstacle to tackling global obesity—a lack of research capacity to inform national policies. The Bloomberg Philanthropies-funded fellowship enables aspiring leaders to further their research capacity and develop a multidisciplinary network in the food policy

The Vital Strategies Healthy Food Policy Fellowship is an initiative to combat an important barrier to addressing global obesity—a dearth of research expertise to guide national policies. Overall, the Healthy Food Policy Fellowship aims to fill knowledge gaps and direct national policies for healthier food environments in Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, and South Africa by building research expertise—creating a pool of people qualified to design, conduct, analyze, present, and promote research.


  • Successful applicants get a multi-year fellowship to support their studies at prestigious universities in their own country or abroad for the duration of their Ph.D. program (up to four years). Some scholarship recipients might combine courses in their own nation with related classes abroad.
  • Additionally, the fellowship pays for education costs, housing, health insurance, and, if necessary, travel for educational purposes. Each fellowship customized to the recipient’s needs and those of their nation of residency or institution, and constrained by the funder’s financial parameters.
  • Outstanding Ph.D. candidates from Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, or South Africa dedicated to pursuing a field of study and research that will enable them to influence public policy to promote healthier food environments are supported by the fellowship, which is funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies.
  • Candidates with a strong commitment to working in their home country after completing their degree and who can show that they will use their expertise, skills, and knowledge in fields like health economics, nutrition epidemiology, marketing, or health behavior given precedence.
  • Further Candidates who can demonstrate their prior experience or potential interest in supporting important national-level research urged to apply.
  • The fellowship open to applicants accepted or are in the process of applying to Ph.D. programs for the forthcoming semester. However, grant not given to a candidate until they enroll in a Ph.D. program and have met all legal conditions.
  • Step 1: Check if you meet the selection criteria.
  • Step 2: Click here to download the application form.
  • Step 3: Request two referees to submit letters of recommendation in English to with the subject “Recommendation Letter_Applicant name_Country of residence”. The letters must be submitted directly by the referees before the application deadline. The referees should be very familiar with the candidate’s work and professional experience, and/or might be the candidate’s current or potential mentor.
  • Step 4: Submit your completed and signed application form along with curriculum vitae in English to by no later than midnight (New York time) November 14, 2022. Your curriculum vitae must mention your academic background, research/work experience, publications, and academic presentations.

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