How to be happy

Joy is innermost peace.

To be happy is a mental state of being satisfied with your current situation. It is frequently experienced when engaging in mindfulness practices or when you are at ease in your body, environment, and mind.

While we all go through a range of emotions every day, it can be beneficial to regularly practice finding happiness. Give yourself a few minutes the next time you take a tea break or sit back after finishing a task to practice feeling good in your body, mind, and with your daily accomplishments trust me you will be happy.

What exactly is joy?

The mental condition of having pleasant or positive emotions is called happiness.

Along with success in our endeavors, prosperity, and health,to be happy is something we all strive for. However, it might be challenging to find enjoyment in daily life. Since happiness is a highly desired emotional state, it can only last a short while or be influenced by a variety of different problems in our jobs and personal lives.

 In actuality, there are several degrees of happiness, ranging from pleasure to explosive celebration. Many of us go on a journey to regularly experience exhilarating happiness highs, yet this frequently ends in disappointment. Try concentrating on contentment rather than happiness.

How to cultivate inner pleasure


Being present throughout the day can help you take in your environment and connect with your emotions more deeply. You might be able to feel joy more frequently and intensely if you’re in the moment.


You risk forgetting that happiness originates from inside and may be found by looking within rather than waiting for an external activity to trigger it if you pin your happiness on anything external. Consider changing the way you think about happiness;

 Rather than making it a long-term objective, think on what makes you happy on a regular basis. That could be spending time with loved ones, family, or friends, or engaging in an activity.Give yourself permission to plan these joyous occasions into your life on a regular basis.


 Practice looking within yourself in order to find happiness there. Although it requires time and effort, this practice develops into a useful habit. Start identifying your feelings,as well as checking in with yourself regularly.

  • Try putting a stress-management plan into action, whenever  you’re feeling stressed
  • Create a self-care plan if you feel like you could take better care of yourself.


  • Take some time to appreciate yourself.
  • Respect your life, your efforts, and your achievements.
  • Simply thinking back on prior events, some of which were successes and others which were merely enjoyable experiences, you can find satisfaction.
  • Try reflecting on your path frequently if you’re a freelancer or business owner.

 It’s simple to get caught up in future plans and ignoring the past accomplishments. However, with concentration on your prior experiences, you’ll not only be able to relive the feelings that particular milestones provided, but you’ll also discover strategies to advance both your personal development and your company.


Many people believe that achieving particular objectives or dreams is a prerequisite for happiness. This method turns happiness into a reward rather than an emotion that one should feel every day.

Allow yourself to feel happy whenever it arises rather than chasing happiness.


Once you start checking in with yourself, you may start addressing any issues that may be bothering you. It’s common for internal issues to lower self-esteem, so it could be great to take some time to care for you.

  • If you work for yourself, this is a terrific method to assess how you take care of yourself.
  • You may change the way you view yourself and start treating yourself more kindly and fairly by viewing yourself as your best boss or best friend.
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable, even at work.
  • Making a list of your shortcomings or problem areas is a crucial first step towards locating support for them or totally overcoming your problems.

Focusing on your self-esteem, might make you happier. “The best method to increase your self-esteem is to treat yourself as you’d treat a valued friend, in a pleasant but honest way,”.

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