APN Collaborative Working Group Research Fellowship 2022

Deadline : February 1st, 2022

The Collaborative Working Group Fellowship is an initiative and a key compliment to the field-based as well as networking components of the African Peacebuilding Network (APN) programming of Social Science Research Council (SSRC). –  APN Collaborative Working Group Research Fellowship 2022 (up to $60,000)

The APN invites applications from senior African academics and researchers based in universities, training and policy institutions in Africa with the aim of assembling and leading collaborative research projects that are intended to inform policy and practice on conflict and peacebuilding on the continent.

This fellowship is a response to the need for deep collaboration and engagement of researchers and practitioners on peacebuilding challenges in Africa. Another critical aspect of this fellowship is that it seeks to bridge the gap between research and policy, promote mentoring of junior scholars by senior colleagues, enable networking between scholars and practitioners as well as increasing the likelihood of impacting policy through the knowledge-production process.

Details of the fellowship

The APN fellowship aims to support a working group that is engaged in undertaking original policy-relevant research that focuses on the design, implementing and, impact of peacebuilding mechanisms and processes in African countries and sub-regions affected by conflict. The support available is for research, convening of scholar-practitioner meetings and analysis of issues such as the following;

  • Peacebuilding cultures, mechanisms and, practices that are within a local community
  • Poverty, inequality and natural resource conflict
  • UN-AU-African Regional Economic Communities (RECs) cooperation on peace and security issues
  • African Governance Architecture (AGA) and African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA)
  • Women, peace and security
  • Trans-nationalization, migration, youth radicalization, extremism and violence
  • Climate change, peace and security
  • Early warning and response systems
  • Lastly, building synergies between mediation practice and research

The fellowship

An APN Collaborative Working Group Research Fellowship will be supported with a maximum award of $60,000 for eighteen months.

Who is eligible?

  • Scholars or practitioners who wish to apply must be based in Africa and their lead investigator based at or affiliated with an African university.
  • The competition for the scholarship will be open to joint researcher-practitioner teams that will comprise of six (6) African members based at or affiliated with universities, regional organizations, government or non-governmental agencies, media or civil society organizations in Africa.
  • Other members of the research group may be junior lecturers and practitioners who are expected to hold at least a master’s degree with two or more years of work experience but the lead investigator must hold a PhD.

Application procedure

The lead investigator, of the Collaborative Working Group must be a senior academic or senior practitioner based at a university with a strong research background in African peace and security studies, should submit an application on behalf of the group with the following requirements;

  • A complete application form
  • The lead investigator’s CV
  • A research proposal and Bibliography
  • A proposed research timeline and budget
  • A list of all team members including their name, affiliations, professional backgrounds and the highest levels of degree attained
  • Two reference letters
  • Language evaluation(s) (if required)

The applicant with the required materials can click here to continue with the application procedures. The deadline for the application for this scholarship is February 1st, 2022.



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