Full Scholarships at the University of The People

deadline is 30th September 2021

Scholarships at the University of the People have been availed for International students for free online for the 4-year undergraduate programs and 2-year associate programs. The university provides many courses in a lot of countries across the globe at zero tuition and other expenses.

Scholarships are provided to help you attain recognized education from America. Applications are going on online and quality education will be provided online.

University of the people was founded in 2009 and has since brought a positive change in the education sector. Collaborations were sine made with famous universities such as Oxford University, New York University and others. The only fees required are assessment fees which are required upon the end of the course.


  • Location; United States of America
  • University of The people
  • Eligible for all nationalities
  • Available Online
  • The deadline is 30th September 2021
  • No tuition fees required
  • Eligible for the undergraduate and Bachelor’s degree program

Fields of Study

  • Business Administration
  • Education field
  • Computer sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • MBAs


  • Free online assessment
  • No tuition fees required
  • USA recognized education
  • Fully funded expenses such as accommodation and transport


  • Must have graduated from High school
  • Possess a personal computer
  • Be located in are with great internet connection
  • Proficient in English

Application Steps

Applications are available online and applicants should submit all the required documents within the given deadline which is 30th September for the early applications and studies to begin on 11th November 2021.


Visit the official Website for more information.


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