The IMF Youth Fellowship Program 2021

The deadline is 24th September     

This gives an opportunity to young people to be part of the global effort to provide a better world and be part of the team at IMF responding to the crisis. Participants will hold Virtual Yearly Meetings and also undergo virtual training led by experts. Selected fellows will get the chance to take part of a 2-day virtual workshop to meet with the IMF management and experienced staff to talk about the current global economic problems including climatic change, digital economy, and inequality – The IMF Youth Fellowship Program 2021.

The deadline is 24th September

Application steps


  1. Applicants should be between 20 and 32 years old
  2. Should have experience in:
  • Social activism and engaging with the civil community
  • Entrepreneurship or taking part in a start-up
  • Bloggers/ vloggers to an independent media group
  • Journalist connected to a media outlet of independent journalist
  1. Be graduates or students in fields such as International relations, development, economics, journalism or other similar fields.
  2. Speak English as a basic language


  • Experience more engagement and networking with scholars, leaders, and experts at IMF on issues affecting the world such as climatic change, inequality, and digital economy.
  • Participate in virtual building programs presentations and storytelling
  • Have Yearly meetings and seminars
  • Get to be part of the IMF Youth Network, connect with them to be part of future events and opportunities
  • Receive a certificate showing that you took part of the program



  1. Fellowship applications through the application form
  • Deadline for applying on 24th September


  1. Selected applicants to join an intensive capacity building program through the yearly meetings
  • Announcement of shortlisted applicants on October 4th
  • Virtual workshop on present economic issues affecting the world, digital economy, climatic change between 11th to 17th October
  • Group Presentations on Inequality, Tech and digital economy, Climatic change to take place on 12th October

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For more info visit The Website of IMF Youth Fellowship Program 2021






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