KKR Small Business Builders Program- 10000 USD grant

Deadline by 15th October, 2021.

Applications for the 2021 KKR Small business Builders program are now welcome. KKR was created as a major pillar of COVID 19 Relief effort and the Small business Builders Program is focused on supporting entrepreneurs all over the globe. (KKR Small Business Builders Program- 10000 USD grant)

Deadline by 15th October, 2021.

These grants are meant to help business owners to maintain their enterprises, create employment and increase economic opportunities as a way of responding to the COVID 19 crisis and recover from these economic hardships. KKR Small Business Builders is aiming at businesses that are experiencing changes due to the pandemic, operated by HUGs (Historically Underrepresented Groups) and are providing useful services to the society.


Selected entrepreneurs will be given 10,000USD as well as being trained and mentored with KKR employees.

Applicants receive free access to the thousands of resources and a community of many small business owners on Hello Alice and also across the globe.



  • Must operate in USA, UAE, Luxembourg, Spain, Singapore, Germany, India, England or Australia.
  • Be a profit related business.
  • Have 10 to 45 Employees.
  • Generated revenues of less than 7 million USD in 2019
  • Show a need for support
  • Provide a firm strategy for moving forward


Start by creating an account. This program helps to develop resiliency in facing the hardships caused by COVID 19.

Click here to apply

For more info visit KKR Grant. – KKR Small Business Builders Program- 10000 USD grant



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