Joining Africa to the global Agribusiness industry for the AFRICA AGRI EXPO AAE 2021-VIRTUAL CONNECT

Welcome to Africa Agri Expo AAE 2021 18th & 19th August, 2021, the fourth edition of our Agriculture Event Series which comprises of, Africa Agri Expo 2020, AgroMach Africa 2020 & AgroMach MENA 2020. REGISTER

The Agricultural industry in Africa is observing an unequalled development with the region having over 50% of the world’s productive and unused land. Basing on reports, the African Agribusiness could be worth $1 trillion by 2030.

However, to make use of the Agriculture potential of this historic continent & encounter the ever growing request for food, Africa needs well organized and productive Machines, Equipment, Technology, Inputs & Solutions a large majority of which require to be imported.

Africa Agri Expo 2021 is a very well established event advancing Africa’s rich Agriculture sector and presenting international companies an exceptional way to survey the huge business potential of this historical continent.

About Africa Agri-Expo

Africa unparalleled business opportunities, however, the key are to look for the equitable channel partner in the region.

Africa has attractive agricultural resources, the governments in most African countries have been prioritizing the development of agriculture and the promotion of agricultural products, and they are executing Action Plans, Policies and schemes to promote the growth of Agriculture quickly.

This makes unparalleled business opportunities for international companies who could supply good quality and cost effective products and solutions to the market. The key is to look for the equitable channel partner in the region.

Above a decade of experience in Africa’s Agriculture Sector, we will join you with just the equitable channel partner from the region to choose from.

This event will join African & global agriculture professionals to survey the market, launch their brands, make new connections and make long-term partnerships. This show will also establish vigorous relationships between the governments and privates

Whether you are looking to set up your channel partners in Africa or strengthening your business by advance your brand in the region, Africa Agri Expo is an event you can’t dare to miss!


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