Earth Journalism Network Zoonotic Diseases Reporting Grant 2021

Deadline: 15/08/21



Deadline: 15/08/21

Application are open for the Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Zoonotic Diseases Reporting Grant 2021. EJN is providing story grants to journalists to support the making of in depth stories that will acknowledge zoonotic diseases and One Health in Asia and the Pacific region.

To lift public awareness of the basic causes of zoonotic diseases and ways to put a stop to the next zoonotic disease breakout, they wish to concentrate this current call for story pitches on zoonoses andl, particularly, the one Health approach that scientists, public health professionals and others are taking toward identifying and preventing zoonotic disease.

Story Themes

They welcome stories from the Pacific region and Asia that capture audiences to better understand:

The threat of potential spillovers and its causes;

Solutions that do address the root causes of these threats

Local and international attempts to upgrade ecological and human health, within the One Health framework.

Proposals that concentrate on topics or stories that have not been broadly covered are most fitting. Issues that have already received a lot of media coverage or don’t offer unique perspective to the challenges of zoonotic disease and One Health approaches are less likely to be chosen.


They anticipate to award 20 grants with an average grant amount of $1,500, depending on the proposal and needs indicated in the budget submission.


They allow applications from journalists occupying East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, but not New Zealand and Australia.

Applicants who will produce non-English stories have to provide an English translation; the cost for translation could be included in the suggested budget.

Stories can be produced in any language, but they ask that the application be given in, in English.

They encourage applications from both freelance reporters and staff from every type of media organisations- national, local, community based and international.

Applications are open to journalists working in any medium (television, print, online, radio) and other expert media exponents with reporting experience and a history of covering environmental matters.

Applications from health journalists interested in concentrating on the public health effects of zoonotic diseases and the One Health approach will be allowed as well.

Judging Standards

Applicants have to think about the points mentioned below when devising their story proposals.

Angle: If the story has been covered, does your proposal bring new perceptions to the topic or offer a fresh angle?

Relevance: Does the proposal meet the standard and objectives of the call? Why do you think this story important and to whom? Is the main idea, say context plus general value to the target audience clearly explained?

Innovative storytelling: The use of added creative approaches, multimedia and data visualizations will be considered a plus and more.

Effect: Does the proposal have a captivating narrative or analytical element that will draw attention, engage and inform, desire action and activate debate?


All applicants are greatly encouraged, but not ordered, to complete EJN’s zoonotic disease online course and the accompanying tutorial on developing data stories before submitting their proposal to EJN.

For more details, visit Earth Journalism Network.






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