Africa No Filter: Project Support Grants

Deadline : 27/08/21

The Africa No Filter is seeking applications for its Project Support Grants to support the delivery of creative projects on the continent through media platforms and storytellers that are using tech, art, innovation and creativity to dare stereotypical narratives about Africa.

Deadline : 27/08/21

Grants have to be for a particular project, with a clear start and end date and project breakthroughs.

Calculated Pillars

Congesting in New Narratives: They support media platforms and content creators by their grantmaking.

Building the ecosystem of story changemakers: They have began working to recognize narrative changemakers on the continent i.e platform owners, producers, advocacy groups, writers.

Disruption: They are eager to position themselves as an African story watchdog- a central origin for recording, tracking, sharing learnings and data around examples of dangerous narratives on the continent and attempts to disturb it.

Research: Their research plan is concentrated on making narrative and the work they do is based on evidence, salient and relevant to the African conversations.

Funding Details

Amount: Up to $25,000

Eligibility Standards

Independent storytellers and culture, arts and media organisations in Africa and the Diaspora. This particular grant supports literature, film, comedy, digital animation, theatre and visual art projects by  organisations plus Individuals.

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