Maliyo Games -Google game Developer Bootcamp 2021

Application Deadline: 2/08/21

A training Bootcamp for beginner game developers that aims to take you from zero experience to creating android game titles has been launched by Google  in collaboration with Maliyo Games and its published on the Google Play store. (Maliyo Games – Google game Developer Bootcamp 2021 for beginner African Mobile Game Developers.)

Deadline: 2/08/21

Do you love creating content? Do you have the four Cs Creativity, Commitment, Competence and

Join the Game Developer Bootcamp designed for individuals with   computer science background or primary programming Knowledge. You will learn how to clarify, package and develop casual Android games.

Eligibility Standards for Maliyo Games -Google game Developer Bootcamp 2021

Must excel in the Ramp Up Course

Possess a laptop or desktop computer

Reside in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana

Available to start off bootcamp in August 2021

Anyone in Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya can apply, however our ideal candidate must have some of the qualities below

Have successfully finished an online software programming course in the past 12 months

Keen about launching a game development career

Demostrate knowledge of one of the programming language (C#, C++, HTML, JavaScript)

Eagerness for self learning and problem solving


Peer support community

Self-paced and project based learning

State of the art mobile gaming curriculum

Data allowance

Chosen candidates can await the following during the training.

Regular assessments and evaluation

State of the art mobile gaming curriculum

Present-day work environment

Self paced and project based learning

Certification and Paid Internship

Power and internet acess

Before completing the C# ramp up course to authorize you to prepare for the upcoming technical interview first complete the online application here. Top students from the technical interview who meet the eligibility standards would be invited to join the programme.

The bootcamp will run 3 levels. Students who successfully finish level 1 will move to level 2 and so on.

Level 1

Subject: Game Development Fundamentals

Start Date: 16/08/21

Duration: 12 weeks

End Date: 5/11/21

Level 2

Subject: Succeed on the Play Store

Start Date: 8/11/21

Duration: 4 weeks

End Date: 6/12/21

Level 3

Subject: Publish Your First Game

Start Date: 6/12/21

Duration: 3 weeks

End Date: 23/12/21

The course curriculum will cover topics like the ones below;

Teamwork and cooperation

Level design

In game monetisation

Game mechanics


Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Gamification methods

This training bootcamp is powered by Maliyo Games and Google, a mobile games development studio found in lagos, Nigeria.

Key Dates

Application Deadline: 2/08/21

Ramp Up Assessment: 9/08/21

Training Begins: 16/08/21


For more details:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Maliyo Games/Google Game Developer Bootcamp 2021














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