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Arthur L. Carter World Journalist Fellowship 2023 ($16,000 stipend)

Deadline: January 15, 2023

Applications open for the World Journalist Fellowship 2023 ! Submit now.

This Fellowship provides support to international journalists who enroll in one of their graduate programs in journalism at the NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. All of the programs are 3 semesters, except for Global and Joint Program Studies and Literary Reportage, which is 4 semesters:

Business and Economic Reporting

Cultural Reporting and Criticism

Global and Joint Program Studies

Literary Reportage

Magazine and Digital Storytelling

News and Documentary

Reporting the Nation and New York

Science, Health and Environmental Reporting

Studio 20: Digital First

  • The 2023 Fellowship pays for two of the program’s three or four semesters’ worth of tuition and registration costs.
  • A stipend of roughly $16,000 will also be given to the fellow for each of the two semesters of the fellowship.


Candidates must:

  • hold a non-U.S. passport.
  • be fluent in English and at least one additional language.
  • currently be an independent journalist or a journalist working for an independent news organization (corporate or institutional communications does not qualify).
  • have a minimum of two years’ experience at a print or electronic journalism publication by the start of the first day of the program.
  • possess a four-year undergraduate degree or a three-year undergraduate degree plus one year of graduate work.
  • complete applications for both the fellowship and for admission to the M.A. program in Journalism.

Click here for further information on World Journalist Fellowship 2023

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Alliance HPSR/ World Health Organization Call for proposals on Health Policy Analysis for Health Taxes (Up to US$ 55 000 grant)

Deadline: 23 December 2022

Submit your proposal on Health Policy Analysis for Health Taxes straight away!

Up to eight country case studies submitted in response to this request for ideas, which will examine how political economy issues affect the creation, enactment, and administration of health taxes at the national or subnational levels. influenced by quality.

Research teams will create analytical case studies based on data from significant national stakeholders and a shared conceptual framework. Principal Investigators required to be based in an LMIC research institution.

In order to comprehend the political economic elements that contribute to the advancement of the adoption of health taxes, the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research is directing the development of a series of analytical country case studies. Interested in health taxes on a variety of goods, including but not limited to meat, salt, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, and fossil fuels. This program examines how political economic issues have influenced the creation, adoption, and implementation of health taxes.

  • A maximum of eight studies funded in as many countries. Individual research projects will be funded for up to a maximum of US$ 55 000.


  • The Principal Investigator must be a researcher based in a LMIC research institution, but special priority given to the following countries: Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Paraguay, the United Republic of Tanzania, TimorLeste, Uganda, Ukraine, and Zambia.
  • Teams should be gender-balanced with women comprising at least 50% of the research team. Teams should ideally include, or at the least emphasize and highlight links to policy-makers.
  • The experience of researchers as reflected in the proposal as well as the CV of the PI should reflect experience both in health policy analysis and examining the role of political economy considerations in health promotion activities.
  • Teams must, in their proposals, be able to demonstrate their plans for access to data sources relevant to answering their research questions.

For further information, visit Alliance HPSR.

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Global Consortium for Reproductive Longevity & Equality (GCRLE) Grants 2023

Deadline: December 16, 2022

Apply for the Global Consortium for Reproductive Longevity & Equality (GCRLE) Grants 2023 as soon as possible. With this financing, the Consortium aims to promote the growth of a strong international community in the study of reproductive longevity while also advancing creative research into methods to stop or delay ovarian aging.

Applications accepted for research examining the underlying causes of female reproductive aging through, sponsored by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging’s Global Consortium for Reproductive Longevity & Equality. The goal of GCRLE Grants 2023 is to provide funding for studies that will uncover the underlying, scientific principles of female reproductive aging.

For scientists in a range of professional stages, there are four unique awards available with objective to foster cross-disciplinary and institution partnerships and collaborations that will help define the field and create the groundwork for its future.

Award Mechanisms

Senior Scholar Awards:
  • Fund established researchers to pursue significant, ground-breaking studies in female reproductive aging. These researchers should be thought leaders who have made significant contributions to creative and productive research in their disciplines.
  • This award provides $400,000/year in funding.
Junior Scholar Awards:
  • Funds early career investigators with outstanding promise when establishing their own labs. These awards encourage young scientists to pursue bold ideas in female reproductive aging when most scientifically creative.
  • This award provides $250,000/year in funding.
  • Special eligibility requirements: Early career investigators defined as principal investigators who have been in an independent faculty role for less than six years at the time of application, i.e., starting after December 16th, 2016.
Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards:
  • Support outstanding young researchers in their pursuit of postdoctoral training in the field of female reproductive aging, broadly construed.
  • This award provides$100,000/year in funding, of which a minimum of $70,000 must be used for the Fellow’s salary.
  • Special Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be within 4 years of the date of the award of their PhD or 5 years of their MD at the time of application, i.e., starting after December 16th, 2018 (for PhDs) or 2017 (for MDs).
Pilot Awards:
  • Financing creative or revolutionary female reproductive aging research studies with the potential for significant impact and high reward at an accelerated rate through pilot programs.
  • These awards will allow collection of preliminary data to apply for larger grants and we encourage applications to fund novel collaborative cross-discipline projects, with an emphasis on projects that establish novel collaborations.
  • This award provides $100,000/year in funding.

Visit GCRLE for further information.

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ARES scholarships 2023

Are you a citizen of one of the ARES partner nations? Have you completed any college? Do you have professional experience and want to hone your knowledge in the field of development? For the ARES scholarships 2023 Program 2023–2024, apply right now.

January 27, 2023 is the deadline.

With the help of the ARES scholarships, you can enroll in a 2- to 6-month continuing education course or a 1-year advanced bachelor’s or master’s degree program at a university in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation of Belgium.

The overseas training scholarships are available for three different types of training within the ARES 2022-2027 cooperation program:

Inter-institutional training programs for advanced bachelor’s and master’s degrees are set up over the course of one academic year and culminate in the awarding of an academic degree.

Programs for continuing education are shorter in duration and more practical (2 to 6 months). A certificate is delivered by them.


The ARES provides citizens of its partner nations with an average of 130 Master’s and Bachelor’s scholarships, as well as 70 scholarships for continuing education, each year.


To be qualified, the applicant must:

  • You must be a citizen of, and live and work in, one of the following nations: Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal, Niger, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Guinea (Conakry), Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Vietnam, or Zimbabwe.
  • The equivalent of a graduate-level degree (300 ECTS) from a Belgian university for advanced master’s and continuing education courses (equal to Bac+5); the equivalent of an undergraduate-level degree (180 ECTS) for advanced bachelor’s (equivalent to Bac+3). At the beginning of the course, the candidate must have had the pertinent academic degree for a maximum of 20 years. Childbirth and/or adoption result in a one-year extension of this maximum time frame.
  • Possess at least two years of relevant professional experience in a country that is an ARES partner after completing graduate-level coursework for advanced bachelors and masters degrees as well as continuing education courses.
  • Fill out the application in the language used for the course and vouch for your proficiency in both written and spoken terms. Additionally, having a working knowledge of French makes it possible to integrate well into Belgian society.
  • Apply just for one training program.

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The GIRAF platform should be used to submit your proposal to ARES:

  • To begin with, make sure your GIRAF account is active.
  • On the GIRAF portal, you can register for an account. Don’t create more than one account; this one will need to be authenticated by ARES, after which you will receive an email asking you to set up a password.
  • You can use an account you made last year that has been validated and, if necessary, reset your password.
  • You may access the application form once you’ve logged into your GIRAF account by going to the Competitive calls tab of your GIRAF profile. Please take note that the “International training application 2023-2024” button can only be clicked on once. Your form can subsequently be found in the Competitive calls’ My tasks table.
  • As long as you select the “Save and edit later” option, you are permitted to fill out your form many times. Your form can always be found on the Competitive calls tab of GIRAF’s My Tasks table under the heading “My Tasks.”
  • Your application is sent to ARES as soon as you click “Submit my application,” and you are unable to change it after that point. It’s still accessible through the My submitted files option.
  • By January 27, 2023 at 12 p.m. (Belgian time, UTC+1), applications must be filed via GIRAF. Applications received after this date won’t be taken into consideration.

The ARES Scholarship website has more details.

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The World Literacy Awards nomination

The World Literacy Awards nomination period is now open for 2023. The World Reading Foundation honors people and organizations each year for their extraordinary efforts to advance literacy education.

The World Literacy Foundation, a global non-profit organization that works to ensure that every young person, regardless of geographic location, has the opportunity to acquire literacy and reading skills to reach their full potential, succeed in school, and succeed in life, is behind the World Literacy Summit.


  • Organizational Contribution to Literacy: Given to a company that is still in business and makes a significant contribution to literacy.
  • Individual’s Contribution to Literacy: Recognizes an individual for extraordinary efforts to advance literacy.
  • Contribution to Literacy by a Youth: Honors a young person’s efforts and deeds to combat illiteracy.
  • Academic Study Recognition Awards: Given to someone who has distinguished themselves not only in literature but also in writing and intellectual research. Identify the academic study or publication.
  • Awarded to a government organization for exceptional government policies and advancements in literacy and education. Government, State, Province, City Recognition Award: Find the organization to qualify for outstanding work, research, or a new initiative.
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  • Contribution of an Organization to Literacy
  • To qualify, an organization must be a private enterprise, non-profit, corporation, or for-profit organization.
  • An individual candidate’s contribution to literacy cannot be connected to any other organizations.
  • Youth Contribution to Literacy Candidate must be under the age of 21 to be eligible.


The deadline for nominations for the 2023 World Literacy Awards is December 16, 2023. You have the option of nominating yourself or another person.

To nominate, click here.

The World Literacy Awards nomination, African opportunities, Opportunities for Africans, Funding Opportunities for Africans

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Global Health Corps (GHC) Africa Fellowship 2023–2024

The Global Health Corps (GHC) Africa Fellowship 2023–2024 application period is currently open. Young professionals are invited to apply for paid 13-month fellowships with health organizations in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia through GHC. These nations include Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

In order to place highly qualified candidates in high-impact businesses for a 13-month fellowship, GHC seeks out and chooses candidates with a variety of skill sets and backgrounds. Fellows significantly benefit their placement organizations and the communities they serve during their fellowship year. They join GHC’s global network and take part in comprehensive leadership training.


The Global Health Corps fellowship offers intense leadership development and professional growth in addition to the following:

  • GHC fellows are provided with a living stipend.
  • Professional development funds: During the fellowship year, fellows are allowed to apply for up to $600 from the GHC Professional Development Fund in order to pursue education or other endeavors that advance their professional development.
  • Completion award: Fellows are eligible for the $1,500 completion prize if they finish the whole fellowship year in good standing and take part in the End of Year Retreat.
  • All fellows are given housing for the duration of their fellowship.
  • Health Insurance: Throughout the placement year, all fellows will receive health insurance.
  • The placement company or GHC will arrange health insurance for fellows.
  • Travel: GHC arranges or facilitates fellows’ transportation to all GHC training sessions and retreats.
  • International fellows must have a valid work permit in order to lawfully complete their fellowship in the country of placement.
  • Your placement organization and Global Health Corps will direct you in filling out and submitting an application.


  • Be under 30 years of age.
  • Own a bachelor’s or undergraduate degree from a university.
  • Be able to speak English well.
  • Be a resident of zimbabwe, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, or Zambia.


Applications end at noon (EST), 7:00 p.m. (CAT), and 8:00 p.m. (EAT). To submit your application as soon as you can, they advise you to!

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For application submission:

  • Create a profile
  • Fill out your background information, essays, choice of fellowship job, reference request details, and the optional skills and experience survey.
  • You must include the following papers in your application by uploading them: Your modernized expert Identity Card for a CV your birth certificate, passport, or national identification card
  • Proof of education

Visit the website for GHC Africa Fellowship for additional details.

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