Call for Applications: ARTICLE 19 Internet of Rights Fellowship

ARTICLE 19’s Team Digital is looking for public interest advocates to join the 2023-2024 Internet of
Rights (IoR) Fellowship. This is a 12-month fellowship, beginning in April 2023.

Since 2014, ARTICLE 19 (A19) has been a pioneer in introducing and strengthening human rights
considerations in the design, development, and deployment of Internet infrastructure technologies by
participating in global Internet governance bodies where technical standards and policy development
happens. In doing so, A19 has carved out pathways for civil society engagement in these bodies;
however, there remains the need for greater, more diverse, and more sustainable civil society

In its seventh year, the IoR Fellowship will equip and support a diverse community of
advocates working on behalf of civil society with the tools they need to carry out long-term engagement to set the technical policies and standards that define the global Internet.

About the IoR Fellowship

The general goals of the IoR Fellowship are:

● To protect and promote freedom of expression, freedom of association, privacy, and other human
rights in key Internet technical standards and policy bodies.
● To bridge the knowledge gap in these bodies regarding human rights and their relevance to
Internet infrastructure.
● To support sustained and effective participation of civil society advocates in Internet technical
standards and policy bodies.
● To support and champion the consideration of underrepresented people and communities in
decision-making processes within these bodies.

The Fellowship runs for 12 months, beginning on April 1, 2023. During this year, each fellow will work
closely with their mentor—a designated member of A19’s Team Digital. All fellows follow one of three
tracks: Censorship, Connectivity, or Datafication.

Upon selection, fellows work with their A19 mentor to develop a work plan and schedule. The Fellowship
is designed to be flexible and dynamic to account for each fellow’s skills, interests, and experience.

In line with the work plan, mentors will assist such as advocacy coordination, support during
meetings, ad hoc training, and in-depth research collaboration. Mentors will also facilitate fellows’
inclusion in global and regional networks of experts and activists working on digital rights and Internet
governance issues, including current and former fellows.


We are looking for the following qualities:

● Technical competence. While this may include knowledge of and experience in computer
networking and protocols, systems design, and architecture, it is recommended but not
necessary. We are looking for candidates who are capable of digesting complex or difficult
concepts in technical policies or standards and explaining them to a wider audience.
● Some prior experience of participating in Internet governance bodies, and/or in-depth
knowledge of the Internet governance processes and, where possible, the specific standards or
protocols that are relevant to the applicant’s work proposal. Examples of broad, intersectional
experience include: taking part in public policy consultations on local and/or regional levels
regarding universal connectivity and Internet access; engaging in academic research on internet
infrastructure and governance as part of undergraduate or graduate studies; engaging in
research-related projects with country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) or partaking in the ICANN
fellowship or NextGen@ICANN Program.

We welcome applicants who are familiar with global internet technical standards and policy processes but do not yet have opportunities to sustain long-term engagement in them. We also recognize that experience can come in many forms and especially encourage early career professionals to apply, even if they haven’t been engaged in this field for very long.
● Strong research, writing, and speaking skills in English. The program will be conducted
entirely in English and will require fellows to attend highly technical, fast-paced meetings where
English is the working language.
● A clear commitment to protecting and promoting human rights and Internet freedom.

For more information about ARTICLE 19 Internet of Rights Fellowship call, VISIT HERE:

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