Pulitzer center Reporting Grants & Fellowships 2024

The Pulitzer Center partners with individual journalists and news organizations to support in-depth, high-impact reporting projects. Through Pulitzer center Reporting Grants & Fellowships 2024, they provide support through short-term grants and yearlong reporting fellowships. We accept applications from freelance and staff journalists worldwide.

How Pulitzer Works:

The Pulitzer Center provides support to freelance and staff journalists to pursue underreported enterprise stories in two ways:

  1. Reporting grants: Funding for in-depth journalism projects
  2. Fellowship programs: Funding; training; data and research support; and a cohort experience with journalists pursuing similar in-depth or investigative stories

These opportunities also grant access to a community of thousands of journalists, editors, and engagement specialists that make up the Pulitzer Center’s broader network.

The Pulitzer center Reporting Grants & Fellowships 2024 are categorized into:


The Pulitzer Center’s global reporting grants support in-depth, high-impact reporting on critical, underreported issues. This is our signature, “catch-all” grant, so there are no restrictions on topic or reporting location. You can also explore our thematic and regional grants below.


Through its yearlong fellowships, the Pulitzer Center brings together cohorts of reporters pursuing ambitious in-depth and investigative stories. The Fellowships emphasize collaborative, cross-border, and transdiscipline reporting. Fellows receive funding, training, and the support of dedicated editors from the Center’s Data & Research Unit. Our Engagement team helps the Fellows amplify their stories, engage with their audience, and measure impact.


Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellowships empower students from our Campus Consortium partners to impact the world around them, create change, and engage diverse audiences.

Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellows at Campus Consortium partners pursue independent journalism projects that cover a wide range of critical issues in countries around the world and in the United States. Reporting Fellows benefit from Pulitzer Center mentorship, networking opportunities, and journalism resources. Most importantly, they become part of a vibrant community. 


Grants are open to all journalists: writers, photographers, radio producers, and filmmakers; staff journalists as well as freelancers. We support veteran reporters who have been widely published, but also back younger applicants who are looking for help to jumpstart their careers. A diversity of voices— gender, ethnicities, backgrounds and nationalities—is important to us. Some applicants get a grant on their first try; others have to work harder at it. One applicant who was twice rejected kept coming back and eventually went on to do a dozen different projects with Pulitzer Center support. Campus Consortium Reporting Fellow applicants: please see instructions under Reporting Fellows.


  • A description of the proposed project in no more than 250 words.
  • A thorough publication plan. Letters of interest or commitment from editors and news outlets should be included.
  • A preliminary budget estimate, including a basic breakdown of costs. Travel grants cover hard costs associated with the reporting; please do not include stipends for the applicants. Local reporting partner/translator/driver fees are acceptable.
  • Three samples of published work, either print or broadcast.
  • Three professional references. These can be either contact information or letters of recommendation. The latter is encouraged when letters from interested producers or editors are available.
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae.

Applications may also include a more detailed description of project but this will be considered as optional supplement only. The most important part of the submission is the 250-word summary. Applications must be written in English.


Within a week of your submission, you should receive a confirmation of receipt. Typically applications that are received in a given month receive a response by the end of the following month, with an emphasis on making Pulitzer Center projects as timely and newsworthy as possible. If your proposal requires immediate attention, please note why in your 250-word description. If your proposal involves reporting in a hostile or dangerous environment, we require that you and your potential outlets adhere strictly to the ACOS Alliance principles outlined here. Freelancers who plan to report from conflict zones or hostile environments must have a firm assignment from a news organization that will assume full responsibility for his/her well-being. The Pulitzer Center is committed to support for Hostile Environment Training where appropriate.


To save our grantees and staff time, we thought it would be helpful to outline editorial products and project expenses we don’t fund:

  • Books (we can support a story that might become part of a book, as long as the story is published independently in a media outlet) 
  • Feature-length films (we do support short documentaries with ambitious distribution plans) 
  • Staff salaries 
  • Equipment purchases (equipment rentals are considered on a case-by-case basis) 
  • An outlet’s general expenses (for example rent, utilities, insurance) 
  • Seed money for start-ups
  • Routine breaking news and coverage 
  • Advocacy/marketing campaigns 
  • Data projects aimed solely at academic research. Data should be developed to enhance/support journalism. 

Apply for a Reporting Grant

For More Information and To Apply for Pulitzer center Reporting Grants & Fellowships 2024, Visit Pulitzer Center’s Official website

Funding Opportunity Pulitzer center Reporting Grants & Fellowships 2024
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