The Knight Science Journalism Fellowship 2024–2025 for Science Journalists

MIT, USA is offering the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship 2024–2025 for Science Journalists, with a stipend of $85,000 USD.

Deadline to Apply: January 15, 2024

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Ten science journalists from around the world are awarded academic-year fellowships by MIT’s Knight Science Journalism Program each year. These fellowships allow the journalists to focus on a particular area of science, explore science, technology, and journalism, and study at some of the world’s best research universities.

Qualifiability Standards

The program’s goal is to honor journalists from all over the world who exhibit a high degree of achievement and professional competence together with a sustained dedication to their industry. International journalists are welcome to apply and are encouraged to participate on an equal footing.

In order to qualify for a KSJ Fellowship, candidates need to:
  • Become full-time reporters, whether employed by a company or not. Writers and producers who work part-time are not eligible.
  • possess a minimum of three years’ worth of experience reporting on science, health, technology, and the environment.
  • Become photojournalists, writers, editors, producers, illustrators, or filmmakers. Work for periodicals, newspapers, radio, television, and digital media falls under this category.

Program Specifics

Activities organized by the Knight Science Journalism staff and self-directed activities make up the fellowship program.

Lectures: Renowned researchers and media experts provide frequent lectures to fellows, enriching their experience in Cambridge.

Field Trips: Every year, KSJ plans a number of trips to destinations that are particularly fascinating to science and technology writers. Previous stops have been the Harvard Forest in Petersham, MA; the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME; and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.

Workshops with a focus on skills: Journalists have access to an increasing variety of storytelling platforms, and we want our Fellows to leave the program with a higher level of technical proficiency than when they first joined. We incorporate a few skill-based sessions every year. Previous workshops have included topics such as podcasting, digital editing, still photography, mobile video, and data journalism.

Study Plan: Fellows participate in audits of classes at nearby colleges and universities, including MIT and Harvard. Fellows have a great deal of freedom in selecting the courses they want to take, provided that they take one science course each semester. The fellows’ request to audit these classes must be approved by the professors.


  • An $85,000 stipend, distributed in increments over 9.5 months, is awarded to fellows.
  • allowance for relocation
  • Every colleague and their family will receive basic health insurance.


November 15, 2023: Deadline for Applications

Applications close on January 15, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

January through March: A group of eminent science journalists, including Undark Chief Editor Tom Zeller Jr., KSJ Associate Director Ashley Smart, and Director Deborah Blum of KSJ, will assess applications.

Early March: Semifinalists are chosen to take part in a round of video interviews from the original pool of applicants. Usually, semifinalists find out their fate in the first part of March. At this point, you will receive notification if you are not chosen as a semifinalist.

April: Typically, in April, the ten Knight Science Journalism fellows are revealed.

For any inquiries, send an email to

For Further Details:

Go to the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship’s official website. | The Knight Science Journalism Fellowship 2024–2025


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